1. Hey Mike, been watching your videos for a some time now and I just want to say that they're getting really good. 🙂 Also, I think the appearance clean up is nice. Looking good dude!

  2. Don't be jealous about the little dweeb; he wasting his $$$ in LA when he could be having orgies in Poland for only $20k per year. Much more jealous of your lifestyle, sir, Mike.

    Don't need to be a USD millionaire to enjoy the ultimate pleasures of life. That's what the West tries to make you think that you need all this money.

  3. I hated school I dropped out and If i could do it again i would have dropped out faster and drowned myself in self education at the library and online.

  4. school are outdated. with all the information we can get so available and so instantaneously school is a waste of time and stops kids develop their own true interest and passions.

  5. Prince kubera I give you props for living in a foreign country (to the one you grew up in) – Much respect –  I am trying to do the same – Even though I love my country I feel bored here – as  I am so used to it ! same stuff different days – Do you have any recommendation for me about moving out from your home country and living alone ? In another one ? What challenges did you face? I feel like if I stay in my home country I will not grow !

  6. intelligence… school…. ummmmm anyway, just because my path is differnet, it doesnt mean im lost, I know nothing cant stop me from success.
    by the way, you show is really good, i wish i could do have it made in spanish for latin america. People here have to know that 99.9 of them they are going to fail, and have a miserable life. and you do a great job transmiting that cruel infomation to people.

  7. First video I've watched of yours and I subscribed. I'd try adjusting your camera to eye level at least. You kind of look like the home from Batman when you look at the camera from that angle. Anyway it's your channel, you do you.

  8. Schools are nothing but government-designed robot factories, where they mold children to be perfect little sheep.
    Other than socializing, they're completely useless, and they aren't exactly great at that either!
    I'm sure we all remember those great teachers who actually cared and tried, mad respect to them, but even they are limited by the system, which must be (skin yourself alive with razor blades and lemon juice) frustrating!
    In my mind, the hardest job, hands down!
    I'm all for homeschooling, screw grades and useless brain-fodder!
    Teach the kids how to analyze, question, be open-minded, grow food, build, survive, let them see the truth behind hierarchy and government!
    If you aren't hurting anyone, but the government and its robot-sheep frown upon you, you're on the right path 😉

  9. if u keep ur topics strictly on anything about crypto currency i will b a subscriber 🙂
    getting older gets me more bored of the politics in the world 🙂

  10. My uncle used to live in Skokie which is in the non ghetto part of Chicago, until he turned a single mother into his wife. After a couple months of marriage, she made a phony domestic violence claim to the police to divorce him and steal his house. Last thing I heard is he was living out of his car and motel with his son. He suffered a mental breakdown from the stress and now he's involuntarily committed to the mental ward and can't remember who he or is his son is. F u america

  11. Public schools are all total garbage made to program retards to bow to the government… Yeah its "free" for a reason… If the government had no interest in brainwashing the kids you'd be paying for education since kindergarten. But since they do have hidden interests, its free. But nothing is actually free, everyone knows that… Theres always a catch.

  12. Mike,
    your mentality and vision/plan inspired me a lot, im really going to be the one percent of your viewers that actually will become a (multi)millionaire. Im really planning to suceed in what im good in and will sipe ananasmilkshake with you on your yacht ;).

    The thing is that i can really see myself in you and what your planning to do. For example i want to build a network of channels of steemit and youtube and wil begin with Youtube, i see a oppertunity in creepypasta's (that i love) because there is no channel related to that in my main languages. Dutch..

    But anyways hope i see you in five or 10 years and will be laughing or asses of the 99 percent that gave up
    and chose comfort and stability without taking the risk and potential becoming rich!

    Also sorry for my bad English as i said it is not my main languages…

  13. This whole home schooling doesnt allow your kids to get socialized is a total myth. Nothing beats home school as long as your parents are actively involved and serious about teaching their kids.

  14. Jeeze Mike… 8 minute pre-roll advertisement… I'm letting it play so you get paid but I think most people are going to skip that! Regardless: awesome content as always keep it up!

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