Technical Analysis is BS & Bitcoin Proved That – Bulls in Sway!

Somebody commented “technical analysis is BS” and that this Bitcoin trend proved it. So I am addressing that point and also updating you guys on where we are at with Bitcoin and where it could…


  1. i think its only hardware chart , meaning if there is new hardware for mining ppl will freak out and price will go up, if not its gonna chill out , its not based on usability of bitcoin because its useless past this point

  2. I don’t know if it’s possible to expand your chart full screen, but it’d be easier to see if it wasn’t scrunched up into corner. I was taking screenshots with the iPhone so I could zoom in to read some stuff. That curser is not invisible, but nearly so lol. Love the vids!

  3. I think TA is perfectly valid but the way crypto is so easily influenced by news can skew the charts.
    eg: when bitcoin dropped to 6k that was due to the news of China blocking access to all exchanges… which later was confirmed to be fake news when the bank said someone had hacked an email to bloomberg.
    So I this instance the 6k wasn't really support as it wasn't from natural market movement which is why it was'nt retested.

  4. Really enjoying your videos and wish more people could see them. TA is not the be all and end all, but part of the overall analyse I use before buying or selling any tradable asset. Just a shame human nature is to go for greed and an easy ride, and follow the con artists and shillers. I started out that way, but now learning who are the good guys and gals out there as well as doing my own research on a TA and fundamental basis.

  5. Thank you. Wow. Earlier Sat., I looked at BTC, saw its movement and found myself saying, "it's going to have to test 10,500"…and sure enough, @ mid night, I'm seeing it happen !
    Through what you and Joe are teaching, I'm beginning to feel like these charts can actually tell me something !  It's like you guys are pouring "how to" info into my brain and I'm actually able to apply the knowledge, gain some insight and make some sense out of things going on in crypto and take action accordingly.
    This isn't just a guessing game. There actually are indications pointing to certain things. Things that have a likelihood of taking place based on previous events. I am very grateful.
    Knowledge is, of course, power and what you are doing with this channel is SO empowering, I really take my hat off to you, Randall, and Joe for your skill at being able to present material that jams so much teaching in such a compact timeframe. I just want you to know that your efforts are having the effects you are trying to achieve.
    You two are making for a more informed, better equipped crypto community.  Thank you.

  6. You guys are the best. Due to this video, I knew what level to watch out for and sold my BTC @ $11,297 tonight before it corrected/crashed (the top was $11,299). How crazy is that? Thank you a million times for your content!

  7. We are at the 382 FIB retracement line, we are bouncing off it on both 4hr and daily which is not a good sign. We need to break through this line to continue bulls. Othewise we are retracing down. If we break this and close above this line we can continue our run up at least to the upper 12ks. Keep an eye on things guys. Will have a update for you guys tomorrow!

  8. I think this is a trap. I have been holding out waiting to test the bottom again. Also on a 1 day chart trading view btcusd/bitfinex we have the 50ma crossing under the 100ma. I may pick up a little around 8k and more if we test 6k again. I think we really need to solidify that bottom for a good run up. If not I'll be back in once we get over 13k. Too much uncertainty right now

  9. I think we see BTC hit 14k easy soon, at moment while its 11k, you can see a lot of alt coins being pumped and also the other main cryptos, so i would suggest putting more money in alt coins for now if you good picking right ones. I picked 3 today, and they all went up 10% higher then BTC today so i was pretty happy. I am only surprised verge got so pumped today its such a shit coin once you look at it more and ran by 10 year olds. My only concern after this market goes up, will there be another big dip? Also wish i bought more coins etc when market was at 6k, regret 🙁

  10. It''s unreal how you guys only have 6.3K followers! It shows the majority of people are attracted to the bullshitters and con artists out there! I'm happy there is a few channels like yours to show people the real analytics of cryptocurrency and to point out the fakes. Thanks again for another great video!

  11. Can you please give your thoughts on magicpoopcannon from trading view. I know that's a ridiculous name, but he seems to know what he's talking about. Would u consider him knowledgeable in TA?

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