Tech Support Scam – Refund? Teri Ma Ki Ankh!

Republic Day in India is celebrated on January 26 each and every year since 1950 when Indian Constitution came into effect. India was governed by the United Kingdom for almost 200 years. So,…


  1. Not only beautiful voice but also very intelligent talk as well – Lupita. Think nearly all these Indian scammers know you by now.
    Very interesting to see you change to other countries especially dealing with love scam from Africa. Please carry on helping
    innocent people. Don't give up. Love you – Lupita

  2. Lupita… I just live listening to your videos, you have a way of triggering the scammers & getting them to still talk to you 😂😂thank you so much for all you do to inform & entertain us 🤗❤

  3. Love your voice Lupita
    Great entertaining and also helping the would be victims from these scammers.
    I keep mistaken you as Taylor Swift when you sing. Your voice is almost identical.
    So happy to hear your voice. Keep it up. Love you.

  4. That was brilliant!. Let us make it decent "Teri Ma Ki Ankh! – Sundar! " Your mother's beautiful eyes!
    One scammer who picks of the call shouts in Hindi " Rahul brother, there is a girl named Lupita who is from India and wants to talk to you! "

  5. I was thinking the same thing as I was wearing my headphones. Why was this guy yelling??? Im ok when you speak loud Lupita but not the Indian voice lol. Great job as usual .te amo lupita… Sorry I just had to say it

  6. That scammer wasn't very sexually ambitious only wanting to fuck _you_. They usually claim that they're going to do the whole family (your sister, your mother…). Maybe he can't last long enough to do the whole family and needs the scamming money to get sexual therapy.

    It must be a bit hard to celebrate a day of national pride when you're doing your best to bring your country and its people into disrepute around the world in countries targeted for scamming.

  7. That's very interesting that ankh or aankh is Hindi for eyes, but in Egypt the ankh is an object similar to a cross except the top part is a loop… kinda like an eye. 😀

  8. I wonder if I'm only person who gets a little angry when hearing degenerate low-life scammers say abusive, filthy, disgusting & vulgar things to Lupita? 🤬😤😡
    I'd really love to teach them some respect. 👊💥🤕

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