“Taking Smart Contracts Beyond Tokenization” by Sergey Nazarov – 2018 Bitcoin SuperConference

Sergey Nazarov’s presentation at the 2018 Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference. Nazarov’s presentation is titled, “Taking Smart Contracts Beyond …


  1. This man never seems nervous. The more I think about it and the more I research this project (and Sergey), I think that's probably just how he is — zero hype, just the facts. That is the plan right now, so that's how he stated it. I was very impressed with his presentation.

  2. LINK will go to the Moon and Sergey's presentation was the home-run of the conference. However, the Bitcoin SuperConference as a whole, stunk. Everything about that conference reminds me of a TCG/table game shop I used to go to that had a sign on the wall saying "We reserve the right to remove people due to body odor". Stinky fucking neckbeards man.

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