Sunday with Charles (Supplement) – Harmon Wilfred CIA Whistleblower

Harmon Wilfred was a financial contractor to the CIA who found himself in the middle of a massive black ops banking scandal. When he came forward with the evidence, his life was destroyed….


  1. Dear Charles Ortel: I love your work and your sincerity. But I am laughing hysterically at your Pollyanna idea that we the People can co-exist with Secret Societies, as if WE could ever control THEM. That will never happen. That situation has existed since the founding of this country in 1776 as a Rosicrucian "New Atlantis" experiment. The Bill of Rights was written to give these societies legal cover with their occult connections. Mankind will never be free of this plague until he is willing to suspend "freedom of religion" long enough to utterly destroy the original Babylonian ideologues that have led us to this point.

  2. I hope you can get his information out there and someone is strong enough to flight the corruption of Clintons and associates. Remember the 1% are scarred of the 99%. Let the people UNITE.

  3. Great honour and priviklege? gimme a break!

    "Wilfred and his wife have registered five charities with the Charities Commission. An investigation in 2011 showed the charities employed only one fulltime staff member and lost $438,000 in 2010."

    and there is plenty more of the same where that came from !

  4. I wish you all the luck! Keep that positive attitude, and the truth will definitely prevail! If only someone like Hannity, Tucker Carlson, etc, would step in and take your story to the next level, that would hopefully get the ball rolling! Again, I wish you guys all the best, and hope your able to be together asap! I'll be waiting to see the Wilferd's on Fox News soon!

  5. Please do follow up video's, however many video's it takes to expose the truth it has to be told! Thank you great video sad for him & his family, we will pray for them.

  6. Bad News for New Zealand as a refuge.. Couldn't be in more danger look ->

    Direct from the Authors Site ->

    Transcript from HALLETT REPORT NO. 1


    ‘Mafia, Blackmail & The New Zealand Government’

    Text from the movie above, Part 2

    Greg Hallett: So here we are, talking about “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”.

    One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance.

    In 2007 I wrote and published “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”. 

    It was nominated for “Book of the year” and then, within about ten days, the article was removed, the book was no longer nominated, and concerted government attacks began, because I got the sexual secrets of New Zealand politicians and judges – the same sexual secrets that were sold to foreign countries to control New Zealand.

    The person who collected the sexual secrets on New Zealand is the same person who became the Prime Minister – Helen Clark. She collected the sexual secrets from the seventies and sold them to a Russian intelligence agent called Valenti Putin. He had two body doubles, also living in Wellington between 1980 and 82, and they were called Alexander Putin, Valenti Putin and Alexia Putin. 
    Valenti Putin is Vladimir Putin.

    Helen Clark collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Valentin Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.

    Valenti/Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

    So along with publishing the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety I also published the names of the security intelligence services and their addresses. 

    Two weeks before I published, the same agency changed the law, so that it was legal to do so, so I was getting help from the inside.

    One of the things I discovered about New Zealand is, that it is a ‘Paedophile Movement Fronting as a Country’, and New Zealand’s main import and export, apart from dairy, maybe, is heroin. More recently that has been taken over with methamphetamine. 
    I also found that the heroin deals were being done during and just after the royal visits, and that the principle heroin trafficker is ‘The Black Prince’ – Prince Philip – along with his wife Queen Elizabeth and the now deceased Queen Juliana of Holland and her husband Prince Bernhard.

    Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

    Those who supplied children for paedophilia to Prince Philip were invited into the heroin trafficking ring. The heroin was then sent from South America in Phillips light tubes to Waihi, where they were taken out of the boxes, broken open and the heroin was taken out of the fluorescent light tubes, and the boxes were sent back to Holland, as a stocktake of the amount of heroin that had gotten through.

    On the 27th of June 1979, two lawyers, Peter Williams, who became Peter Williams QC, and his business partner Eb Leary, later convicted twice, sold the house to the heroin trafficker Terry Clark.

    On the 3rd of October 1979 the heroin trafficker Terry Clark sold that house to two Detective Inspectors of the New Zealand Police – they were Detective Inspector John Rex Hughes and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings, who was known as “Hastio”, and is now, well, he took over from Terry Clark’s heroin trafficking in 1980, and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings then ran casinos, and he used that to launder methamphetamine money. He is known as “Hastio” on the street. 
    Helen Clark had been a Tavistock St. Petersburg gang-bang prostitute.

    For more follow the link.
    Behind all conspiracy research is Paedophile Britania, the systems of the Antichrist. Never forget that FACT.

  7. Well Canada has a maximum security underground prison eh! NEWS to me! 🇨🇦 what Canada lacks is Investigative Reporters !! We only have sound bite attention seekers in the MSM. Trudeau Foundation is very suspicious & needs the light of day! Crazy times we live in eh!

  8. Just my two cents but 9/11 was an insurance policy for the US to having control of: 1. A major oil resource (Iraq), 2. Direct control of the Gulf of Hormuz, 3. A permanent military area completely in our control. 4. To insure the issue of anything but the dollar will ever be accepted as payment for crude would ever be an issue again. It was never about "the oil', it was about the dollar and it is the only reason this country has survived as long as we have. Thanks Jason, I went to high school 50 years ago and that is still true to this day. Same reason Russia is "helping" Iran an Syria. China and North Korea etc. The day gold or silver is demanded for oil is the day we declare war.

  9. Is it possible for someone like Corinne Brown to file a lawsuit because she is being punished and their crimes are so much bigger but they aren't? Probably not but it's so unfair.

  10. Oliver Stone should meet Harmon Wilfred. What a great movie his life would make ! !
    Tellng his story to some one like Donald Trump is a complete waste of time.
    Mr. Wilfred has to find a publisher like Wikileaks,. or he should contact Glen Greenwald.

  11. Clinton and Trump are in the same Jesuit "College Club" … Bless Harmon… Does anyone remember the Whitewater Evidence in the Murrah Building along with all the Desert Storm Veteran's medical records with the Vaccine Experiments that caused Gulf War Syndrome, stored in the FBI Murrah Offices… HAhahahhh Ken Lay's Evidence on ENRON was in the Building 7 FBI Vault… Seems California's Gubernator is also in that same jesuit "Club"…Good luck with the Clown's in action there were a few guys named Kennedy that thought they could get the Israel Lobby re-designated as a "Foreign Agent"

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