Strategy Summary BTC Bitcoin Breakout – How To Play Them At Apex

A quick summary of how that breakout could’ve been played Twitter –


  1. Hey Phil! Check out the chart on ETH! It looks like it is setting up for a fifth downward wave in late February, the last price drop to 600 looks like it was wave 3 on a downward trend and we are in the middle of the abc correction now!! Check it out please! =)

  2. Great Video again Philakone! Quick ? … Can we trade on Binance just like Bitfinex or is Bitfinex specifically designed for trading. Any preference? Thank you Thank You Philakone

  3. Superior value, ty. Main question, how do u know how to draw the support and resistance lines and count the waves. They are in sets of 5, so which one do u start with to count it? Also u mentioned there are sub waves.

  4. hey Phil, I see lots of haters on twitter, please keep your great works and don't mind those idiots, they are probably anxious that you are revealing too much trading secret. I endorse your work and passion to improve crypto community.

  5. Hey man love your videos, tho I donโ€™t know why in almost every video you have to remind us that you are experienced/not doing this for money/ youโ€™re not a whale on steem/ upvote on steem/ buy you and luna a beer… I mean There in nothing wrong with any of that, just the redundency is kinda annoying for people who watch every single one of your uploads

  6. Sweet this guy is on the ball ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the update.ยฌยฌ I need to read all of the tutorials so i can
    get up to speed with everyone..What are the fees like with bitfinex for withdrawl ?Compaired to
    other exchanes ?Thanks also is there any free trial account where we can get used to the maeket
    and charts please ?

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