Stossel: Let Them Leave!

In 2018, California may vote on leaving the US. Regions around the world want independence from countries that control them. Stossel says if people want to secede—let them! ———————…


  1. You have to convince the conservatives; they’re the ones that could allow it to leave. See the constitution for instructions. Expect more states to leave immediately after, and the fall of the union. Poor red states would be F-ed.

  2. You can't let California leave… foreign soil on North America is a major major threat. Could you imagine Russian Chinese and other nations with missile bases in California f that

  3. Forcing people to be together who do not want to be always causes trouble, so if Cali want to secede then perhaps that would be a good idea. It might be the only way to solve the gun control debate too. Let areas that are anti-gun ban them completely, and let those that are pro-gun keep theirs, and facilitate migration between them. Those who are deeply uncomfortable with the idea of civilian gun ownership will now have an opportunity to move to be amongst like minded people, likewise pro-gunners will have the opportunity to move to be amongst theirs. I imagine this might reduce the anger and resentment each 'side' appears to have for the other. The fact the gun control appears to be split down political lines may help too, the red states can become more red and the blue states can become more blue, a sort of 'velvet divorce'

  4. I'm disappointed ReasonTV. Next time you talk about Spanish issues you should try to inform yourself correctly, otherwise I will just think you care more about your agenda than beeing honest.

  5. Rebels….rebels everywhere. The confederacy got smacked down and so will cali if a FEW politicians try such a stunt.

    We are one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

    Left wing commies and libertarian anarchists can shove off.

  6. I hate liberals in California as much as the next person on the right but California is good for economy it's good for a government in the end California is the rest of the United States balance in all of this and I for one thing the United States should stay United even if we have to work some stuff out

  7. California is in the top 10 economies in the world and we wouldnt waste tax money to start illegal wars. Also, we supply most of America's foods, we raise taxes on exports to Alabama and boom… guys would beg us to come back

  8. I live in CA and if we would ever vote to leave the union, it would be a county by county voting to leave or stay (see the history of West Virginia).  But hypothetically speaking, we would leave.  It would be by a slim majority thus, an instant civil war and those with the guns would have voted to stay in the union.  The two most optimistic people in the world are murderers and revolutionaries.

  9. I'm in full support of letting California succeed. And I don't live there, thank God. If they were a separate country, I wouldn't have to hear about the crazy stuff they do there as much. And elections in our country would be so much easier. Without their 55 permanently blue electoral votes.

  10. NOOOO ! ! ! ! Don't let them leave ! MAKE THEM LEAVE. Then build a wall to keep them in. After they collapse and eat one another, we can either repopulate Ca with Americans, or give the land to the indigenous people. Oh, and we keep Yosemite.

  11. Once again a simple reminder about how the west (and a lot of other states work as well) You have the big citys and their suburbs and you have the rural areas and their hub citys. Kern county is not LA county,and Bakersfield is not Los Angles. We are far more independent and freedom thinking out in the boondocks. We hate that Sacramento tells us what we can and cant do when they have there brains in their backsides. We want to keep what we make and help who we want with our charity. It is the same in Washington State and Oregon. I say let Jefferson be Jefferson and Central California be just that. I would rather be part of a humble little red state then a big blue one. Peace

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