Stock Market Technical Analysis 9-7-18

Midday market update for the US stock market via SPY, QQQ, XLK, NQ & ES highlighting key support & resistance levels, price target & potential technical …


  1. Divergence take place at multiple time frames on a chart, which is key remains a question? I find it hard to comprehend how dvgce on its own may give consistent results unless you are looking at just one or two charts the whole of your trading! Yes dvgce is key just not to be misunderstood.

  2. Randy, i am following you since quite a while but i think i have watched each of the last dozen videos. I thank you so much for guidance you give me, with the not so easy to analyse market action these days. Nearly all your projections from recent coverage have played out. Maybe, just maybe you'll be able to adress a few words on AMZN and NFLX in one of the upcoming videos. I am heavily short those two and would love to hear your thoughts on them. In any way, THANK you very much for what you're sharing. Cheers

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