Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Market Analysis by Adam Khoo

After a week of huge volatility and price declines in the stock market and cryptocurrency markets, I analyse the price action on the charts and attempt to read the probability of where markets…


  1. hello sir.. i want to know that .is your stock screening script work on all trading system.. i am from india and using "zerodha " trading platform.. will your script work on mine

  2. Hi Adam, regarding the MAs: in your previous videos on cryptocurrency, you use the 6 and 18 EMA and the 50 MA, whereas you now use the 20 EMA and the 50, 150 and 200 MAs (similar to what you use for your stock market videos). Just wondering if you've altered your position on this and, if so, were the initial set of MAs unreliable? Cheers and pls keep up the fantastic videos! Robert.

  3. Hi Adam, this is Marin here from Holland. I went to the bank today and bought mij firt shares. They were verry impressed by al the things you have tought me over the last few days by looking at your vidio's. Can you explain to me why you think this was a good time to invest according to the moving averiges. by the time the fifty crosses the one fifty on a downward slope we are at least a week further and way too late in my oppinion. looing at 2008 as an example.

  4. Making claims such as 'cryptocurrency have no intrinsic value' shows your ignorance and lack of understanding of this technology. Cryptos have way more to them than pieces of paper we call money…

  5. I wonder why are there many people using technical analysis. Indicators are slow. By the time, you know that the stock market is crashing, it would be late for you to exit the market. Because the pace of the bears move faster than the bulls in reality. I predict more bears coming for the stock market in the coming months. This is just the start of a crash.

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