Steven Cohen Said to Make Hedge Fund Investment Into Cryptocurrency

Jul.13 — Billionaire Steven Cohen has reportedly invested in a hedge fund focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based companies. Bloomberg’s Jason …


  1. 1) Crypto has a limited lifespan by design 2) If at any point in time price falls below major "mining/calculation/verification" costs transactions/transfers stop. If it prolongs over several weeks, that crypto is done 3) Crypto allows for anonymous transfers, but it will never be mass usable, due to incredible energy consumption on verification. Hence, it remains a choice by those that deal with 1) drug money 2) capital flight – especially chinese wanting to move capital out of the country. In that sense, crypto is only for short term usage. What the price would be, wouldn't interest anyone – if 1 dollar or 1 million – the money doesn't and won't stay there. Hence, crypto is NOT an "investment" not even long term. Those that market crypto ICO's want the MASS TO FINANCE these transfers. Sorry, but I won't be part of it. They can artifically hyperinflate crypto to 1 billion usd, I won't invest in it (Like Diamonds: "Bitcoins are forever" – telling people to never sell it). Lies don't last long in the era of the internet. Get smarter.

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