Steve Says Big Week For Cryptocurrency | Consensus 2018 NYC is holding their annual blockchain conference in New York City starting tomorrow May 14th, 2018. This gathering represents a meeting of minds …


  1. Who could ever believe that there is more to Trading Cryptos than holding and selling when price increase. Thank you Mr. Lark Davis for providing a high level insight I couldn’t get elsewhere. You see things on another level to the vast majority of commentators out there and conveys the big picture behind the blockchain revolution and how it is unfolding giving me the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the Crypto Market. Although I have seen some of your videos but it’s not as informative as talking to you privately via your email: The strategy you provided now earns me as much as $47,000 weekly and I just want to say Keep up the good work Lark! As I advice my fellow traders to talk to you for a greater insight in making more profits from Crypto Trading.

  2. STEVE!!!!! how in the flock have you been? Good to see a video from you, unless I missed it, I haven't seen a v6from you in quite some time. Hopefully you spit out some more frequent vids.
    Aloha brother 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  3. Didn't buy the dip. But it's back to the dip after another dump. Consensus will do nothing for price. Previous years right – it factually did nothing for the price. No correlation. Ppl believed CNBC / fundstraat's nonsense

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