Steve Forbes: Cryptocurrency will Save Us from Government Money

Steve Forbes is Editor-in-Chief of Forbes and two-time Presidential candidate. He sat down to talk with me at Freedom Fest about sound money and how …


  1. "Figure out a way to make it stable"? That's up to the markets isn't it?
    The markets are extremely stupid – but stupidity can be quite stable too. πŸ™‚
    I.E. stupidity does not exclude stability. So there is hope. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes save us Naomiiiiii !!! SAVE US CRYPTOOOOO!! A cry for help indeed !! so true!! these currencies are all still nascent!!! Of course Bitcoin is volatile ! so is a new born baby! it will take time.. but with a financial crisis looming its trajectory is certain to change … its possible the volatility may have only just begun!?? Have to say I like the idea of a restricted money supply 😁.. but he certainly made some sound points! Always the best content from Naomiiii!! YayπŸ™!

  3. A supply restriction is a big YES in regards to maintaining value. BTC is going to be a good store of value I believe, and then you can use other alternatives for frequent or long term transactions etc.

  4. The media for mass disruption will stop laughing soon. The biggest financial crisis is around the corner. Who will trust the control structure then? Naomi is right – By Bitcoin and dump the FIAT toilet paper.

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