State of the market (BCH, ADA, ICX, BTC) 24 may 2018

Hi guys here’s your dose of technical analysis. In this video I will be sharing my thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market including Bitcoin …


  1. When I was robbed , scammed by BITTREX on october 2017 i unplugged myself from the Cryptouniverse . Prices are NOW the same as they were on October 2017 so BITTREX made me a favor . I lost 498 Golem , but BITTREX showed me that Cryptouniverse is the WILD WEST . At 300 000 satoshis I'm converting my BTC into BTCP .
    But BITTREX will collapse and a lot of people will lose all their funds .
    If you dont control your private key you OWN nothing
    Saludos desde Miami

  2. Well done for having Roger on by the way, Dunno if you got any hate from people with too much time to comment but not enough time to seek facts. But you will smile in the end for supporting non censorship and anti-misinformation.

  3. I am still 50-50 on whether we end the year much lower or much higher, we will bottom out on this triangle and have another mini pump before decision day. I have been shorting since the top of this recent run, it is worth it to me but i wouldn't put in any shorts now, i have closed my BTC & LTC shorts and am laddering in Long. I still have short positions open in BCH and ETH, my money is already made even if they suddenly turn around.

    All things are relative, you say the market has fallen 70-90% but thats only relative to whats happened since December. If you look at the 12 & 26 EMA on BTC Weekly it last crossed in Oct 2015 and we have been in a bull market ever since, it has just crossed again possibly signalling a deep bear market, I haven't pulled up a Fib level but maybe we have just been bouncing from the 100% to the 78.2% level this year.

    Another thing to keep in mind are the Chinese miners, they are the OPEC of Crypto, what is their floor price, how low are they willing to let it drop. The can and will run at a loss for a period of time to eliminate the competition.

    One last thing for the bulls, if Coinmarketcap is to be believed there probably isn't that much Long shakeable money left to squeeze out, so another pump is more likely than a dump in the next 6 weeks.

  4. Imo your 'lack of juice for shorts' comment is misguided. Shorts behave differently to longs; an asset that falls 90% is also an asset that fell 80% before falling a further 50%…

  5. thanks, dobe4ever. Look forward to hearing more about going long (when to take profit and repurchasing at lower price if you're not adding capital– isnt that really shorting too)

  6. I also follow Crypto Sniper. He seems to be getting condensending lately and implying only mature and serious people should pay him 2500$ for his premium service. If you don't your a fool and good luck to you. His Death March to 2000$ appears a scare tactic to gain Premium Subscribers. Even tone in his voice in last couple videos is a turn off.

    Always enjoy your content Dobe. You sync with my perspective a lot .

  7. Yeah agree ,Please Dobe no side way forever now Lol-joke-..we corrected damn 90% so we should go from here ,for icx yeah this project is huge and has really good team and its really good time to buy or add more, super discount for me at least ..thanks and keep it up 🙂

  8. Good insight, Dobe. Just curious, why do you not like Icon? I’m impartial to it as well myself, but am wondering what turned you off from it.

    Also, you live in Thailand, correct? Beautiful country-can’t wait to go back for another visit!

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