Special Crypto Audioblog #5, w/Andy Hoffman – The Psychology of Bitcoin Holders and Traders Today

Today, Andy Hoffman of CryptoGoldCentral.com discusses the difference between Bitcoin investors, and cryptocurrency traders. Amongst the topics are pitfalls to avoid, laurels to rest on, and…


  1. I was wondering if tether was the problem? Is there really a dollar for every tether that was created? If so, no problem, if not then the price of bitcoin may have been run up by tether created, but not backed by the dollar. Just wondering if that could be a reason? Is this a fake story?

  2. Only Andy Hoffman knows what he is doing, The rest of you dont, you are not in the know like Andy is, Andy Hoffman can confirm this. Andy encourages Hodl'er's. Its important to not worry about parting with your money. It is not important because its a bear market. Andy knows that Bitcoin will go back up again. Andy does not know why it is going down though. Not to worry, just say bear market and that explains it all. Its normal. You are not being scammed. That 500 Billion value of the market is just bears. Its not exchanges scamming your coin value. Its perfectly normal bear activity to take all the money and you wouldnt know what you were talking about to question Andy Hoffman otherwise. Cause Andy was there before you. So therefore he is more important than you and in the know. Andy confirmed this. If you didnt know it is cause you dont know what you are doing, and in fact you are not even a genuine hodla , Bears need more money so its important to not attempt to take your money out before they can steal it from you on this run. Leave it in. Hodl. Bears need money to live. That is how it works. Andy Hoffman confirmed this. Therefore you wouldnt know what you are doing if you questioned that. Im sure the bears will stop soon. They are bears guys. Bears hibernate. They just need all the money from the current market to last the winter. Hodl. Its not a scam. Its bears guys. Seriously…Real Hodlas hodl, The smart guys already cashed out, just ask Charlie Lee, and continue to do so. You may as well stay in at this stage and wait for the bears to inflate the market again and scam other new comers. You'll know when not to Hodl next time. Plus you have more Bitcoins when they are worth $20k. Thats the general Andy Hoffman plan. He could be right. That is also a great point Andy made on shorting on dips in the stock market. Some of you may need to save up to short on the stock market. I know some of you are broke so it may be bad timing. Thanks Andy anyway. I like the extremist tiger kidnap style of the video, If you could get some masked guys with guns to stand behind you on the next video that would be great. Hodl it guys.

  3. I appreciate your blogs but really shouldn’t you have pointed out “things are going up too fast” to the clients you advised over the last 8 weeks? Maybe a little “be cautious” you may want to wait for a correction ? Think about this for next time we have a bull run and you are “consulting” ie talking up your blog and only recommending “buy bitcoin”.

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