1. the real problem with soros is he is backed by the bankers, he has endless funds forever, you have to throw him in prison, but, heres the other problem, he has 2 sons ….. the world really has a problem here …public executions is the only deterant here……they have to jiggle from a rope ….do some air brake dancing ….

  2. Should think so too he's already had his disgusting evil fingers in my Blighty when he tried to bring down the Bank of England. Oh and he paid for the idiots pussey marches not only in US but here in UK.

  3. Dont trust all evils governments kaod system around the world too much .They re the same pot of Evils fallens.They do playing the show Black and white games to you and entertaining human.They controlled all everything.Time to stand up together humanity then select human to protect and help human to save our human race. Do not be fool !

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