Solving Scalability Panel @ Voice of Blockchain 2018

Featuring Colin LeMahieu, Jimmy Song, Marco Peereboom, Frederic Fortier, and Hannah Rosenberg. Shot on the iPhone X.


  1. Colin explained that the nano nodes are designed to be cheap and can be run by anyone, opening up possibilities for unprecedented decentralization. Another important point is that the larger the balance of an user, the greater will be their interest in maintaining an honest network, as it will be directly affected otherwise.
    Unlike the Bitcoin miners, who don't need to own any coin, but can decide on the honesty of the network, if they decide to defraud the network, they won't be affected directly.
    Jimmy Song talk about an elite group on Nano but it isn't true, the coins are already very well distributed and will become much more in the future. Look at the list below:
    Jimmy Song, why should I trust on a mining system controlled by an elite of people?

  2. 24.08.2018. Anything that Jimmy Song said, will not age well. In the not so distant future, people will realize what a genius Colin LeMahieu really is, his solution is far superior to anything out there. The ascent of NANO has just begun.

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