Slow Market Recovery, is Bitcoin Bullish or Bearish?

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  1. Check out his twitter… never see aa circa 8k BTC… PMSL… this guy is a shill! Have you noticed how he goes quiet on certain crypto until such times it goes upwards then claims oracle powers. VTC, LTC anyone😎. Even a broken watch is right twice a day!

    This is all about making money from you lot…. shilling, affiliate links, junk clubs blah, blah!

    If he was comfortable in his own skin, why block me on Twitter for calling him out? Blocking for me is a sign of someone who doesn’t want the boat to be rocked on their money making schemes…..

    If you all want good, honest crypto analysis with free trading strategy videos etc check out Data Dash. He is a good guy who knows his stuff, not a brash, loudmouth shiller who deletes old tweets constantly so as not to look muggy and doesn’t block people who challenge his view as he is comfortable with his opinions. #justsaying

  2. Cheers CH !!! 🙂
    Am still BTC BULL 🙂 we felt the pain of like $9,800 earlier, but back now at $10,350 ish so hopefully BTC push on UP soon… !!! 🙂
    Look forward to your next vid !!! take care man !!! 🙂

  3. Wicked vid so far cheers !!! glum that I missed the live stream tho – theres been hardly anyone doin live streams recently – if my tinternet was better, I'd host one… hope to catch your next live stream live… 🙂

  4. Re-subscribed. Hope 2018 is treating you well, and hope you were able to take your profits from VTC and spread them elsewhere. Unless of course you are still long on VTC. Good luck and cheers to your continued success!

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