Silk Road Founder Jailed– Drug Sales UP

The FBI announced a big victory: They’d shut down the illegal online drug market “Silk Road”. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: …


  1. This is why people think your nuts man. Sure if a silkroad patron buys some lsd and then slips it into somebody's drink and that person is involved in a fatality its still worth it…is your argument. ..

  2. For those who are opposed to drug use, here's some things to think about. The only thing illegal about a person using drugs is if they actually cause harm. But just because some drugs might increase the chance of severe casualties does not mean taking that chance is illegal. Getting drunk is not illegal; crashing into someone or their property is. And if you want to reduce the use of drugs so that less of these accidents occur, don't bring in the government. Start a fund for a charity or support a private firm that puts their money into tending drug abusers. There's no need for laws, but there is a need to support the public. And the only one who can support the public better than anyone is you – the individual. Not "them" the policymakers, you.

    By "you," I mean both "you" the one who has gotten stoned, high, or drunk. It's your choice to risk jail or death. You also have the choice to see a doctor. And I also mean "you" the idealist who would do anything with THEIR OWN HANDS, NOT others, to save other people from accidents or drug-related deaths. And don't think there's not enough people fighting. The other cool thing about America is that when everyone knows what's best for them, it builds a variety of people. So "you" the idealists are actually a team of idealists because one of "you" has a big heart that would be of great use as a comforting therapist and one of "you" might have the intellect to be a doctor, and so on. And once those many "yous" team up together, you have a team, an organization or, dare I say it, a business.

    THIS is the true strength of #individual #freedom we have as an #American.

  3. Let's be honest and clear. Legalized drugs don't solve black markets either. Legalized drugs carry with them much higher prices and yes TAXES! Illegal drugs will always be available and cheaper and incur no taxes. It's a war you can't win simply by making it legal. Making it legal among many other issues makes it available to those that typically would not have tried drugs making the drug problem worse. One only needs to look at the spike in drug usage in CO. You are damn right their drug trade program is successful. Why wouldn't it be? And give it another decade to see what the results will be. A bunch of lazy ass liberals loafing around eating their organic gluten free Cheetos courtesy of Uncle Sam.

  4. Tomorrow, we could end the drug war in Central and South America and drastically improve our nation by legalizing and regulating drugs. I've always wondered what all the dealers would do if their product became legal. Oh well, it's inevitable, but would be nice to at least see it happen in my lifetime.

  5. Only if I can read it in the state statue or title 18 and my lawyer says it’s “legal” I would do it. Drugs are bad anyway. However, I don’t think it’s fair to put this young man in prison for so long.

  6. Government, is a no competitn Drug,Gun,and kidnapping machine. Infringe on its business and the machinery will grind you up .
    You will be used to
    generate revenue as a state number. until you are medically not worth it.
    This silk road guy doesn't look like he has what it takes to survive in prison.
    But if somehow he can stay alive.
    They will let him out.
    When he's old and starting to need medical treatment.

  7. He should be released immediately & that goddamn judge should be the one doing life in prison for violating his civil liberties & falsely imprisoning him. That piece of human goddamn garbage..I hope she fucking rots away with the most painful disease known to mankind & then before she dies I hope she burns alive in a fiery hell!

  8. What drug war? I've been around drugs for 44 years and have yet to see a war. Skirmishes, maybe, but not a war. I've seen the cops ignore drugs many times. I've never seen anyone go to jail just for simple possession. A retired jail guard that I know has told me that the only time anyone gets charged for simple possession of pot is if they want them for some other crime.

  9. Government is cutting the heads off a hydra and calling it progress. I'm not a junkie, drug user or anything like that but fact of the matter is we have other things to be using tax payer funds for. We should just call off the war on drugs and just regulate it like alcohol.

  10. The majority of women HATE libertarianism. There's too little government and too much personal responsibility. That's why women should NEVER be allowed to vote, it's ALWAYS a disaster!

    Ancient female privileges ALWAYS trump freedom and responsibility.

  11. Intelligent women agree, women voting is ALWAYS a disaster. Women vote for big, heavy handed, government while they don't have equal responsibilities as men.

  12. Internet drug sales would be much safer than dark alley deals. Maybe we should let meth users just kill themselves or give them lots of it to speed up the process.

  13. Overall, I agree with Stossel on this one. If possession of drugs were decriminalized and currently illegal drugs were regulated, crime would decrease and addicts would be more likely to seek help. Just look at the example that Portugal has set.

    As far as the life sentence goes, he was basically treated the same as a violent criminal. Rapist and armed robbers could get a lighter sentences than this. Ulbricht is more of a trophy for the government to justify them continuing the war on drugs.

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