Signs indicating $99 Stellar (XLM) BULLRUN POTENTIAL For 2019

Signs indicating $99 Stellar (XLM) BULLRUN POTENTIAL For 2019 In this family friendly video our friend Faze Crypto explores the crypto known as stellar …


  1. Putting it diplomatically, I can’t see it. What, it’s 25-33 cents now??? Naw. And I know some coins can make insane gains but I’d like whatever you’re smoking.
    You just lost all credibility.

  2. Can someone tell me why stellar? It has 104 BILLION total coins and it is a token. They want to make it easier to send money easier. isn't that what crypto CURRENCIES do too? Stellar is a token right? DGB is a currency and has only 21 BILLION coins and is 10 times faster than LTC. DGB IS a currency…not just a token. I don't get it. Can someone please explain to me why Stellar.

  3. XLM is an upgraded version of XRP. Its faster, easier to code, a non for profit vs a for profit, has distributed ownership vs controlled by 3 guys, is decentralized vs being centralized, uses the token xlm vs not needing xrp. I can go on and on. You guys are silly owning XRP. No bank will use XRP when it is centralized and owned by a few guys acting for profit. IBM is courting the banks and the central banks for a move to the hyperledger…which is powered by…..XLM. XRP is dead in the water.

  4. The only reason crypto was up is because the years of printing money as toilet paper. Once we have bigger deficits due Trump tax cuts, the FED will have to hike interest rates and that might crash the dollar so the government can repay its debt with cheaper money….when you think in crypto, you think in terms of dollars, how fast can it go up, pure speculation, you hope others put more money on your same bets, but Blockchain technology is something way in the future if it ever works, 20 years, is like Netflix in the Betamax time, if you tried to explain Netflix in 1984 nobody would understand you, so right now all cryptos are just speculation, XLM as well as XRP can crush to zero or going to 100, nobody knows, just depends how many people believe it, but real value there is none, you don’t have profits here, and the funny part if the crypto currencies become successful that means that central fiat currencies failed so who knows what would you do with all your millions of trash dollars in crypto

  5. Just because you can have a channel doesn't mean you should. Absolutely confusing and disjointed use of language. Buzz terms galore with no substance. Unvelievable that 20k people fall for this.

  6. What do you peeps think of SpekToken? It's a decentralized currency on the blockchain they just got on the altilly exchange, it's worked great for me I've made almost 10 times me return buy just sitting and holding it, you get paid in tokens for holding its sweet, I think it has a great team backing it and has a chance to continue to grow, if you guys got any questions I would love to try and help you out, you can find the white page and more info on the project Stay safe and bless up Crypto Family

  7. If Stellar becomes the "winner take all" of financial transactions as it envision itself, then a 100x increase from now to 2024 is not a far fetched projection. But 99$ by 2019, that's ridiculous. This would require a 1.8 trillion market cap, something unlikely to happen at least for the next 3 years. The good thing about Stellar, it has Stripe backing, Jed McCaleb, and interestingly Lightyears CEO is an ex Palantir executive, which means a strong connection to Peter Thiel and the "paypal mafia" exists, confirmed also by Stripe backing which was originally funded by the "paypal mafia". Now considering how Peter Thiel is connected to the highest echelon of the establishment via his Bilderberg membership and Palantir, which services are used by big corporations and government agencies to spy on people and other corporations, it's safe to say Stellar will have great advisors. Let's not forget John Collison from Stripe is also a new Bilderberg member and thus is very well informed about where the world is headed.

  8. Unfortunately your “analysis” is nothing more than a word salad pieced from several other videos. Compiling a bunch of loosely connected words as you are doing offers nothing to your viewers and if you have a point beyond simply shilling it is lost in this mess.


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