Should You Still Buy Bitcoin?

Aaron Lammer and Jay Caspian Kang, hosts of the “Coin Talk” podcast answer the most common question they hear about bitcoin—should anyone buy it?


  1. This is how bitcoin works: First you buy a dollar for 2 dollars.
    Next you sell the same dollar to a bigger fool for 4 dollars.
    Rinse, lather, repeat, that is until they are no bigger fools.

  2. You can lose 100% max. but its all time high shows that there is more than 100% gain potential in Bitcoin. So, if you invest, are diversified, and believe in the potential… it is a valid option.

  3. No. The most honest and direct answer is no. For exactly the same reason as you don't just randomly go invest in Euros or British Pounds. Currency trading to make money is so filled with unknowns that you are better off going and gambling with the money than doing the trades. The vast majority of people who do currency trading are doing it as a hedge against valuation changes on international transactions with long time horizons.

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