Should You Invest In Bitcoin?!

If you have invested just a hundred into bitcoin in 2011, you could have made almost 2 million dollars today. You could have become a millionaire just with a hundred dollars, maybe a billionair…


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  9. Im 15 and wondering if i should invest £100 – £300 into Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency…i know there is Coinbase to mine for BTC and Litecoin etc so i was wondering if theres better currencies and where i can mine them. Thanks 🙂

  10. My issue with bitcoin is that its not physical. Yes this is indeed monetary revolution around the world and a slap in the face for the greedy banksters. However this is still new and we can't conclude if this is worth the investment. Real money or assets is something that is real and you can hold it in your hand and no other entities can copy, increase the quantity, or inflated the original product. I still think precious metals, oil, food are real commodities and it has always been. Especially gold has been recognizes as money of god since the create of human kind. Its doesn't tarnish, use as valuable jewelry, and believe it or not it uses as certain medicine for treatment of certain cancers. Anyways this will be interesting to see how well cryptocurrencies perform.

  11. I would say that this video is "What Bitcoin should be, but not what Bitcoin is." Because transaction with Bitcoin takes a lot longer then normal payment methods and cost even more then anything I have used before. Now it's just a speculation and it's unusable for normal day payments.

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  14. I think it's dangerous, if it becomes the only future currency. Nobody can have cash in their hands and everything would be virtual. The issue is : – one cannot buy a candy without someone behind their computer knowing it. – it's a complete form of control over one's liberty. – you cannot even give a poor person a few coins in the street. – finally, what happens if somebody decides to hack it or control it under some pretence or another? We are left with nothing. It might be useful yes but as the only future currency no. But thanks for the video.

  15. then the question is… what or who decides the value of bitcoin? why is it increasing now so rapidly? and why would it collapse? any marketing genius over here?

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