Should Litecoin Investors Be Worried About Bitcoin Cash?

Confession time: When the price of Bitcoin Cash went bananas last week, I was more concerned about the Litecoin that I was holding than my Bitcoin. I feel like Bitcoin is safe for now as a…


  1. Litecoin will have real world usable implementations with LitePay. I think this is key for merchants, (more) value will follow naturally. No one will want to sell and wait days for a transaction to settle which is why BTC should be held for value instead of usage. As far as Bitcoin Cash, I don't see them hustling (or capable?) of implementing in a massive enough scale to be considered worthy for merchants. Remember usage of crypto is what's going to protect its value long run. Otherwise it's only an Wall Street without an actual product which will crash hard once the hype is over.

  2. Recently the blockchain found a site under the name TokenGo. The command of developers works on unique and relevant projects with the interesting concept. Also at them very attractive bounty the program. I bought tokens on long period, I think will fly up.

  3. I'm new to crypto started a little before Christmas. I have been on it everyday, researching watching my money and I finally decided to dump most in litecoin, and from what I hear Charlie lee say fits your discripton perfectly. I dont know who runs BCH, but I can see Charlie lee sitting back getting run over, in a way I like for the meek to win, and in Heaven they will but on this dog eat dog world, Charlie Lee is a puddle among Pit Bulls and its hard to win when your that soft in a physical sport called capitalism. That's what scares me it's almost as if he doesn't want litecoin to dominate he just wants it to be here and that attitude in business just doesn't get it, in the words of Ricky Bobby if your not 1st your last. I will hold on as I came in late but if it dips below 200 I have know choice but to wave goodbye.

  4. Hey man, the problem with bcash is the more it scales the more it is centralaised. So theoretically when it becomes very popular, gov can just shut the nodes down. As far as I am concerned there are more commodities in the world than just gold and silver, there is copper, platinum, bronze and other stuff. I predict few decentralized blockchains with small blocks all connected in lightning hub. It is the safest way to progress and crypto is in the first place all about safety (decentralisation and code). Speed, privacy, smart contracts, features – all are just thrills. But the store of value HAVE TO BE SAFE and does not matter how much value does the coin have.

  5. yep same as Louis, all a bit turbulent…….I think BCH will easily replace BTC, I am finding the fees just extortionate and think that are quite deliberate, a big mistake not just increasing the block size……..litecoin is King, Bix Weir was trying to guess where Charlie shifted his LTC………I reckon its Alibaba but thats just a hunch.Continue to like TenX and Salt
    just exchanged a load of BTC to LTC.

  6. If you make the block sizes bigger then the smaller miners won’t have the computing power to mine. This will make it a less decentralized system. To me, the key thing is decentralization, that’s what makes it a peer to peer review. I’m hodling my litecoins lol

  7. btw: after reading numerous comments about BCH being a shitcoin, I sold mine and bought more LTC. But as of last weeks bch re-rise, I felt a bit regretful on that decision. But my goal is long term investing, not P&D. I'm staying away from BCH.

  8. Here's where I'm confused… I thought LTC was being dragged (up) by BTC's gain. This morning BTC hits an all time high of $9000 and LTC is in a slow decline. How is this possible? I read numerous articles that LTC is undervalued and should 1/4 of BTC. Seriously SMH this morning. When do think LTC will rise to it's true value?

  9. It is what happens when you put information in front of someone that considers themselves to be highly intelligent and they do not understand it, so instantly it is bad because they cannot understand it, also misinformation is the biggest source of Bitcoin hate.
    All debates I have are generally squashed when I tell them that I do not care if Bitcoin is $1 or $1000 because of 2 major reasons. I can still send money anywhere in the world instantly, bypassing political restrictions if the need arises. Also my government can try all they like but they cannot give my Bitcoin balance a 47.5% haircut.
    I favor Bitcoin as a medium of exchange over anything else, when I suggest they read the source code and see everything else Bitcoin
    Always remind them that Bitcoin is a technological innovation and not just some new financial product.I don't satisfaction of litecoin

  10. When you pay a cheque from another bank into your bank, the bank will often hold that money for several days, because it can’t trust that the funds are really available. Similarly, international wire transfers can take a relatively long time. Bitcoin transactions, however, are generally far faster. But i know that litecoin no provide this service..

  11. Bitcoin can handle a higher volume of transactions thanks to its faster block generation. If litecoin were to try to match this, it would require significant updates to the code that everyone on the bitcoin network is currently running.But bitcoin is better

  12. I have been using this for a month now. The biggest part of my portfolio is LTC. I think LTC will always have use, however we are seeing the first squeeze in the crypto-verse with new Alt coins putting risk on the original forks, coins, ideas, etc. I think IOTA is the main threat against to about 99% of all block chain currency

  13. One thing you didn't touch on… lots of Litecoin's market share is due to it being the only alt listed on Coinbase along with ETH and BTC, so for thousands of new investors Lite is their first toe dip into the alt market. If, as rumoured, Coinbase will feature BCH after Christmas, that could really hurt Lite,So Bitcoin Is Best!!

  14. Your opinion now after the Cross Chain Atomic Swap announcement? While not as crazy at BCH’s price manipulation 2.0; LTC has been seeing some more solid gains and I personally see it getting to $90 range soon….

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