Should I Buy Bitcoin Now? 82% Of Institutional Investors Think BTC Has Bottomed! HUGE!

Bitcoin Analysis & News Today: Did Bitcoin Bottom Out? The “Bitcoin cash” website ( is scamming new people to the crypto world. Institutional …


  1. Great analysis as always man….would you mind talking about ECA? It's literally got the potential to 100x this year AND it's a solid product with a great team behind it. Atomic swaps coming and also it's only around 22 sats right now. Could easily get to a few hundred… Would love some insight if you have the time on an upcoming video!

  2. Love how you shared to spread your investment over time to not make it "overwhelming" super helpful for those who need more ease in the process! 🙂

  3. Hehehehe 😀 Remember I said that the newest resistence line was around 9.5-9.6K??? It turned out exactly as I said. We still have some selling left to do. The RSIs are still a bit high (near the danger zone of 65 or above, near overbought territory) and the full day stochastic RSIs are showing a selling period is on the way. Interestingly, most of the 4hr charts show a buying period, but I have my doubts. Still, I totally agree with you that the bull run will still continue

  4. 2018 Consensus begins May 14th. Short term Bull run expected leading up to and shortly after this event! Buy the dips! Crypto is the future. Stop manipulation by NOT selling your BTC assets! Don't reward the manipulators by giving them Cheap BTC!!! Spread this information! Start protecting your investments into the crypto space!

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  6. The BULL TRAP is beginning.
    Run before it is too late.
    By the way, I preferr to buy at 3k instead of 9k so I will be 3 times richer. (i.e. the difference will be huge in a few years)

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  8. Thank you for this brought me back to my senses! I have been kicking myself the past couple of weeks for not buying more Bitcoin when it was down to around $6,500. I was just waiting for it to drop to below $6,000 like some of the TA suggested. Before that, I was doing just as you say…cost average buying. I am now back to doing that because you're right, it helps me sleep better at night knowing I am moving forward a little bit at a time.

  9. IMHO Bitcoin will be marginalized in favour of mostly Ethereum. Bitcoin is just to primitive. Some say that it will stay like gold equivalent but it's not the case since there's nothing special about it, also it limited amount is nothing sure because we can see things around it like Bitcoin Cash mostly, also hidden and lost bit amounts of it are not a sign of safety. So far Bitcoin is only gaining in big corrections and bear market on crypto – other currencies are falling more than 'alts', ETH/BTC is great example.

    Again: great content! BTW could you tell from which country are you?

  10. Update about the current dip: I think it might be just a healthy correction, and we can expect the price to bounce back up over 9k, if not instantly, at least over 1-2 days. I bought in at $8,688, so hopefully I "bought the dip" here. 🌙😀

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