Shock Facebook Reversal, Bitcoin Viral Epidemic, Russian Election Meddling – Bitcoin & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin will push to 35k with the help of ETFs, Brian Kelly thinks the bottom is in, Tether may not implode, Facebooks shocks …


  1. It is sad that early adopters, lets say the people that got in a year ago, are getting a hell of a beating. They are already into crypto and dont have the reserves any more to profit from this massive dip.

  2. First, The shadow government of the USA is the biggest threat to the United States, Not Russia. Putin has asked for nothing but peace, and the only reason he even built up his military in recent years is retaliation of the UN/USA "poking and prodding" Secondly; Mark the Z(F)UCK is one of the worst two faced hypocrites in the entire world. He is anything but a nice person, refer to how he forced the natives of Hawaii off their homeland of Oahu to see his true colors…. As for the new exchange interface distributing coins for transactions, to me that seems to lead to unescapable hyperinflation (of said coin) and it looks like it will die as a short lived fad when others realize the repercussions it may bring about.
    Lark, Thank You for your clairvoyance as always. Great video as always 🙂

  3. Yooo lark Australia has been taken over, they had a major change to their government Constitution, there Queen have them compete Sovereignty but the Australian government never had a referendum with the citizens as required. Australia is a freemasons paradise now if you are a "good bro"
    But anyway that's why they don't like distributed crypto but I'm sure they'll issue their own centralized one

  4. Had a strange wave of optimism today after my portfolio has taken the most severe beating for half a year……….dont know why but a lot of things seem to be falling into place……….and got my GIN masternode up and running this week………..its like a get rich slow scheme..approaching 1 year in cryptos, great ride, great community.

  5. What's your opinion on the accusations from Digital Assets Research to Tron saying they stole some of Ethereum's code and changed the class name so it would be harder to detect?

  6. I'm going to start mining after my MWAT starts bringing me free energy with their loyalty bonus. Assuming everything works out of course lol.

  7. Lots of brainwashed people out there still using legacy. Had a conversation yesterday with my Honda service tech who was really interested in crypto a year ago when I was just buying my first alts. Well to this day he is still making excuses on why he hasn't bought any yet. I suppose Facebook crypto ads will help sway the masses…slowly. Just in time for alts to return to all time high prices. Aloha Lark.

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