Sell Or Buy During This Crash? – How To Profit – Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Ep01

Today we are taking a deep dive into the Bitcoin chart to apply the Technical analysis we have been working on, and starting a weekly routine of taking a deep …


  1. Nice video. Thanks for your analysis. I have more info to decide what I should do in the next few days. To be honest, this massive crash effects me a lot because I am holding over 20 altcoins (DeepOnion, Monero, Tron, EOS, NEO…) You know, I look for these type of video whenever a huge drop happens in the market. Your video helps me a lot. Is the crypto market down because Korea authorities raided the largest crypto exchange in that country? UPbit is suspected of having faked its balance sheets and deceived investors. For me, I do not think that is the only reason for the drop. What do you think?

  2. Bitcoin is going down not up. Why are you showing waves up it should be waves down. When i look at my chart I can not see any charts going up. I want to know the bottom so i can buy in. This video was useless.

  3. We are STILL in a bear market. Sub 3k BTC by the end of July. Bear Market will last another 6 months before another Bull Run. Trade wisely and HODLING is for dummies.

  4. With every dip i daytrade from verge to bitcone. I'm now back to verge just made 50k xvg more just by buying the dip. went from 250k to 300k xvg. When xvg is going up i go back bitcone

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