Sell BTC Now And Buy Lower? – Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Should You Sell Bitcoin?

I talk about whether we should buy or sell BTC. Are we at the mercy of the Tokyo Whale? Bitcoin Technical analysis. What will the bitcoin price be 2018? ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭…


  1. I have been saying it for weeks. The bubble already popped and its deflating. Every rebound people get excited thinking its finally turning around but we just get lower and lower and before you know it you just lost all your gains .

  2. Hello SK . Another awesome video. Personally I am not selling any of my BTC on the contrary I have a limit order open x4 days and I am hoping for a pullback to get filled, bitter sweet. The 160K BTC Black Cloud over our head is very uncool and I can only hope Mt Gox dude sells them otc or auction or whatever and doesn't be a D**K….again

  3. Also, why can’t this Kobayashi asshole just transfer the Bitcoin in appropriate increments to the people who originally lost there $ rather than sell and dump the market?

  4. You are a pussy, you just said in the previous 100 videos "I am ready to hold even for many years blabla" and now that Bitcoin BMI sent a buy signal, you want to sell at least 25% of your portfolio…

  5. If you believe that the Mt. Gox thing has anything to do with the drop your crazy. More FUD. Its still NORMALLY correcting. $1k to $20k equals a HUGE LONG CORRECTION!!!

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