Please watch: real harvey dent cant let others talk and throws tantrums and hangs up”the real audio from q and a with harvey dent 8/29/17 hear what was …


  1. Someone That Has Smarts Enough To Take All Ur Interest In Gold,For 85yrs now,has still got loans out and dont want collateral..US..and that go over??But,Anywho..My point,They Get Whole Country To Hand All Gold Over In 1933,run A "Bank"Or so we callreserve,that has no regulation or oversight,and they somehow are going to let us steal from them ??They arent hurt to much by u getting few debts currency that dont add up to more than cotton..and now. electric current from one place to another..but,It Does Hurt Us..U Know,The Ones without money,raising kids here,depending on price to be reasonable..all they do is tack that on our what 20trillion???Going Up Quick To..Watch This Site A Second Or Two..The Amount Of Every Person With The Idea And Knowledge,Or A Person With Knowledge To Pay There Debt Wouldnt Add Up To One Hr Of This Machine..And Would U Notice If They Added It In There..?

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  3. Hi I noticed that for New York Routing Number 021001208 for the Status it showed this is a federal reserve bank it did not show Active, for the Status…when it doesnt show active in the status, but shows something different, what does that mean!… I have been trying to do a ACH to Pay Utility bill but was not successful, I got a voice essage saying you have the wrong routing number when I know the number is correct..what should I do…or what can be done to fix this ..

  4. Its Not Money,Its Not Our,It Has Not One Thing To Do With How Much U Pay In.If U Are Telling Me At 60 After Given them 12.5 to 15% OF WHAT U EARN..ITS WORTH A BILLION???whatever .300 million folks..maybe they borrow million yr..doubt full we are worth it So Wjat Ever Yall See.I See Something Diff. Where Is All The Gold People Turned in ..and in 1933 U Either Turned It In Or Went To Jail..Over 1 Oz And U Were To Turn It In . And Take Curremcy??I would take silver,less they want it too.

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  7. Ok if the federal routing number is good how do we wire it I tried they said I would have to do a three way call with the reserve and my bank but I didn't do it cause not sure what the federal reserve bank would say can you help me out with your opinion on what to do thanks

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  9. OK I've been studying this and listening to y'all for 6-8 months now I get it but I don't get it is it there can we use it how do you there's 20 different ways they're saying don't can't go to jail I got a kid's 20 grandkids I got a business six employees and I would like to help everybody in a circle get but I got to do it first make sure they don't get in trouble my wife says you're crazy so what is it please text back

  10. Technically there is no money in any account not your checking or savings it's all digital just numbers in a computer because all the physical money is useless at this point so all the money in these accounts are also just numbers in a computer so technically there is and isn't any money in these accounts it's like Schodingers cat lol

  11. it is not the routing number that is being disputed ,they are real and active,it is the SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER that they are rejecting saying no such account exsit under the social security number that is the problem

  12. If you listen to the sound he makes every time he finish a sentence he takes a deep breath…I bet you he is a 600 lb loser…thank you tube for allowing idiots to have a voice..get your sleep apnea checked or adjust your breathing apparatus. ..u sound like Darth Vader in between breaths

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