SEC will decide CBOE BITCOIN ETF September 2018

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  1. China are kicking out all illegal mining activities they need to be out end of August beginning of September, bitmain could be losing their dominance in asic production, there's a few new asic units coming out from different asic manufacturers with powerful hashing power, bitmain building a new data facility in Texas, and there's a few new mining farms being built in Texas with new technology cooling systems. My question right now is why would the sec on U.S soil approve a btc ETF when China control bitcoin, the recent floods in China exposed the depth of bitcoin mining operations asic mining farms got wiped out and the hashing power took a big dip. Bitcoin recently had a price spike word is people in China knew the yuan was gonna drop so they threw their money on bitcoin for security, then the Chinese yuan dropped! The activity in China is showing signs that there's pressure being put on them to take bitcoin centralisation away from them and this activity hasn't been seen before, I hope the sec are watching all of this activity coz in my eyes things are looking more promising by the day for a btc ETF approval!

  2. Bitcoin just dropped on the news. Now the powers that be have one more month to push cryptocurrencies lower. Then the big money can buy from all the sellers. Fun and games. I feel that part of the "change in the system" will be this month for the Middle East. It's going to be an interesting 4 to 6 weeks.

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