SEC Charges Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes With Massive Fraud | CNBC

CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports on the Securities Exchange Commission charging Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes with massive fraud. » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: From…


  1. See, white people are crooks and shisters, that's why america is not great, it's being run in the ground by greedy crooked white folks., and it's getting worse by the day.,

  2. I remember reading about Theranos, before this whole thing broke, thinking hmm something doesn't seem right with that tech and company.

    It sounded like complete fiction and reminded me of that Elisebeth Shue movie where she creates "cold fussion".

  3. The media tried to promote this woman as some kind of incredible business leader who was going to change the world and prove that women were just as good as men, if not better. They did this simply because she was a woman and not because of the great things she was doing. This is where our inclusive, identity based, PC culture leads to. Also, she should be going to prison.

  4. She said to investors that the company was making millions in retrievement by contracts with State and Pharma, while in effect it was making money from investors and there was no contract at all, so investors kept giving money to her. It is not a Ponzi scheme, but it is close.

  5. When you're white, specifically, a pretty white woman, your bank get away with murder. Crooks like this, who gets away with crimes, is the reason why I don't believe statistics when it involves race because white people are rarely or never charged with their crimes they commit.

  6. Massive fraud, Elizabeth Holmes… Fake blood tests…
    Oops, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, White Skin charged with Massive Billion dollar Fraud… Sound very familiar???

    She doesn't look like an immigrant to me…
    Typical Arrogant Boss…

  7. Somehow this turned into sexist dweebs bashing women and feminism. Anyway, she really should be in jail, but rich people usually don’t get locked up in this country.

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