Scott Galloway: The Next $300 Billion Company

What’s the next $300 billion company? Scott puts his money on Netflix, which aims to quintuple its revenue in the next four years. Loser: the NFL. Audiences …


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  2. Very astute, as always, Scott. I too found your channel by holding fire on the 'skip ad' button (for the first time ever) on of your W&L vids. Been working my way backwards through all of your material ever since. Very grateful for what you do. Cheers!

  3. Some of the NFL viewing rates last year was due to the Trump Effect – and political divisions in our country and all the controversy – people watching the news and chaos and less sports, could be temporary, need several seasons to prove that prediction.

  4. You're such an unimaginative thinker… hopefully people see through your "only statistics matters" persona and don't lose sight of the importance creativity and research brings to the world.

  5. Entertaining but does consist of mostly obvious points. Think the line about rich old white dudes is especially clever. It always makes me laugh when the rich old white dudes exploit dumb millennials by criticizing themselves, cough cough buzzfeed.

  6. I suggest not bringing your SJW agenda into an investment based video. I mean cmon "bunch of old white guys blah blah blah". Who the fuck do you think invests in business? Here's a shocker: old guys. Statistically, old white guys. Why did the race of the owners come up anyway? What was your point? Why not bring up the ethnicity of the Apple CEO; Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Verizon etc. Cherry picking at its finest. Don't get too triggered now…

  7. The only thing wrong in here is the NFL. The NFL is only going to get more popular as people look for something to watch other than political BS. Football is something you can watch with family, friends, or by yourself as an escape from the stresses of work. Teams are passed down generation to generation from fathers to sons and daughters. The NFL is such a rich league that if viewer numbers do go down they will have enough money and research to figure out a good way to appease to people without cable tv.

  8. Hate to burst your bubble but Netflix's biggest threat is Kodi… everyone that find out it exists cancels their Netflix subscriptions. Mark my words, Netflix is about to make a big turn south.

  9. The is the first ad that made me click on the damn page, watch it again and then hit subscribe. Why? Relevant and informative content delivered with fact-based opinion and unique delivery. Good shit.

  10. such an interesting but weird dude this L2 guy. elon is a million times more useful than this chimp though. who remembers john ruskin? no one who majored in anything useful. who remembers fleming / einstein / edison / tesla? everyone. they made something. it's called being in the arena. elon is in the arena. not making interesting but judgmental youtube videos. right now he's working his ass off to reshape the future of humanity. scott made a snarky youtube video.

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