Saturday *LIVE* Unleashed Ed.: Qanon, AnonMorale, Bitcoin Crazy Pills

Hello Again – Trump is unleashed, Bitcoin is about to be unleashed (or maybe just leashed) and I am looking forward to as unleashed as a conversation as …


  1. Heres hoping Barley is packing heat or a tae kwon do expert or something when she asked some idiot in a bar about Q…lol if she runs into a deranged idiot I hope she will be ok, like Q has warned us all be very aware of your sorrounding and BE CAREFUL…these people are disturbed big time!

  2. Huber has 400 and some odd number of prosecuters-investigators looking into everything from Clinton e-mail to russia collusion scam…hes been in place for 1 year now and should be wrapping up very soon

  3. I saw someone post in chat about being tired of waiting for them to start arresting the criminals… they have all the evidence cause I already have evidence and Im a fucking nobody soooo wtf

  4. I've noticed by reading the closest comments to mine that a couple of trolls are on the board…I just ignor them and dont answer and they will get bored if no1 talks back to them and go somewhere else..They are brainless attention seekers is all dont feed their low mental capacity with response please

  5. seeing your live video now…I cant get live feeds on this old puter but hey its nothing to cry about as i can watch your disco ball party at a later time..I have to confess however i didnt watch your last one due to fact it was over 5 hrs long lol….I still trust the plan but to be honest dont think anything big will happen 11 11 of course i could be wrong and would be happy if it were massive arrest or unsealed indictments..Need to get the rats scurrying so they will start snitching each other out asap!

  6. Biblically, the number 11 can signify *disorder-confusion-judgement and also alertness/awakening. Entering a new-age and also 11 letters in the name Jesus Christ.

  7. Well tomorrows the Big day Q-Tards! You all excited? Mass Arrests, GITMO, JFK Jr. reappears, Military Tribunals, etc. Right? What will happen on 11/11/18 ? I anticipate…………….jack squat! If any of you rubes are actually true Christians you would have seen through this foolishness a long time ago. Good luck tomorrow guys!

  8. I've digested much Q stuff for a while and Q seems like Nostradamus or any other palm reader. Good at saying vague statements that can be interpreted in any way you want.

  9. Trump vs MSM Strategy = Greyhound races (chase the white rabbit)
    Trump vs Deep State Strategy = 3-card monty
    Trump Optics/Keeping partisan assets in place = Godfather/Mob (Hoover files)
    All of it is executed as a military Op.

  10. Re/the markets….Silver is at near-triple-bottom lows of about the last 7 years. That 13.85-14.00 range, but a large part of that is the dollar is at a 16-year HIGH, and silver STILL didn't break its support there. Unless the dollar can keep screaming higher in value (due to god knows what), silver should be going up when the dollar retraces.

  11. So is Jim Acoster fired or promoted….missed live broadcast. Audio seemed pretty bad and video not much better. You need your sidekick while you play under the table

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