Saturday *LIVE* Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming Ed.: Qanon, Treason, The Real Bitcoin?

Hi Everybody – Happy December. It’s been a good week for the happenings and I look forward to being overly optimistic with you and enjoying the show.


  1. Good morning!!!

    Let’s talk about the possibilities of initiating martial law nation wide.

    How could it be done? It’s something I’ve been thinking through for some time.

    Edit: lol I missed the live show. Now I feel stupid

  2. @ Craig – Consider commercial paper which is used very commonly including coupons, when a company prints coupons it does not cause the value of other companies coupons to be devalued or if you use Orwellian backwards think you could say it does not cause inflation. Crypto is digital commercial paper, just a slightly new twist on commercial paper. This new twist makes it probably the most social changing item currently in existence. That is only partially due to it's use as a currency and in the future will be much more important for other reasons.

  3. Bitcoin is a scam. Any coincidences are deliberate to suck people in. Bitcoin was advertised on the front cover of the Rothschild The Economist magazine in 1988. Very easy to find and confirm via a Yahoo search.

    If this channel becomes a bit coin promote, sadly I will unsubscribe purely on this matter alone.

    1. Bitcoin is backed by nothing.
    2. Every purchase you make is tracked no different to the mark of the beast.
    3 No customer support.
    4. Your entire life savings can be deleted with the flick of a switch
    5. No one knows who created, manages or own Bitcoin.
    6. Your salary and life savings vary wildly like a roller coaster.
    Your salary may buy $1000 loaves of bread a week today.
    It may buy 500 loaves of bread tomorrow. Nice to live like that right. Not.

    Scam. Scam. Scam.

    Very difficult to trust any channel that promotes Bitcoin, no matter how smiley, warm, lovable and trustworthy the presenter seems. Charisma?

  4. The GHW Bush funeral news cycle could overshadow Q revelations next week. Q postpone? Think about it. But let us know, so we don't freak if nothing happens next week. Do not disappoint, could break our Q-watching hearts.

  5. ahhh the Bitcoin stuff. Maxing out at a whopping SEVEN transactions/second. VISA can only do 20,000 a second. Yeah, I don't think Bitcoin is scaring anyone these days other than their stockholders.

  6. The FBI going after whistleblowers now is rather telling. It makes the inquisitive ask "Is the FBI still doing dirty deeds for the Clinton Foundation or what?"   –    And a "Good riddance!" to semi comatose Jeff Sessions.

  7. Craig Mason: Just for complete clarity, you couldn’t be guilty of blasphemy if you are not a Christian, that is one who has accepted that Jesus died for your sins and you chose Him as your Lord and Saviour, which mean you chose to obey God and let the Holy Spirit change your life for the better… Heaven vs. hell as your final destination is an important aspect of course. But if not a Christian, blasphemy is just another sin that isn’t covered by Christ’s death on the Cross. As a Christian however, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is a real danger, most people/Christians even wouldn’t fall into this sin; it would be a rare occurrence. Anyway, I don’t appreciate some people who think they know Scripture and they use it to attack others. The error this person made btw is they didn’t consider that some of God’s Word is written to Believers and some is written to non-believers. It all is good, just twisting it to make it say what it doesn’t is worse than your so called, “blasphemy.” I wish you well.

  8. I think one of the main purposes of the Q posts is to help us find out who our friends are.

    Pro Q = friend
    Never heard of Q = introduce them to Q
    Anti Q = enemy, and thanks for letting us know

  9. The Mongols sacked Kiev on December 6th. Wonder if that’s why they declared martial law, and banned all Russian men aged 16-60 until December 26th…seriously how weird is that?

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