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– today I am happy to present you a new project with a name SaTT. Interesting idea + great technical implementation + strong team!


  1. Great project with a good active team who are making progress with developing while the ICO isn't finished yet!

    But to make sure, Atayen is already an established company in America? And it will accept and use the SaTT token for their services? Or what is the connection?

    And how much money is already raised?

    When will the roadmap be updated? Is SaTT connect v1.0 live?


  2. Hmm thanx for replying my last question
    My next and most important question is as follow:-
    Suppose a farmer of a undeveloped country is making videos about farming on utube.
    But since he is illiterate so he don't know about Blockchain.
    Now in these cases how will u spread the awareness about Blockchain and your project to such illiterate people?

  3. When I have checked the Website given I was so amazed their platform even though it is not yet operational. This thing that comes up in my mind when I watched this video "What is SaTT?". I found out that it is the use of Smart Contract dialoguing with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of a campaign and evaluate the amount of the transaction.

    Payments are immediate once the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, and billing data is tamper-proof. A good platform I am right?
    For me, using a smart contract to this platform is a very nice idea because it will cut a very high amount of expenses like handling fee and pocket money tips. In the beginning, having a small market is the downside of this project but I trust their team to reach the global market as much as possible for them to sustain the business and to survive the platform operation.

    I am looking forward to this project and I hope I was able to help the SaTT team to see the places where it needed to be developed and improved. It is my honest review and I know your team needed this kind of review and I did it.

    Best regard,

  4. Joining the contest. The future of advertising deals is certainly good. And Your project looks interesting, but do you have partners who want to accept your proposal? I mean, not many people will use your platform in the beginning, and you have to find another way to advertise.

  5. Question for the contest: Now, no one will be surprised at the market with projects of similar subjects. How will the project be introduced among potential advertisers? Do you promise that your product will be available to absolutely everyone, that everyone can launch an advertising campaign without any problems? thanks!

  6. Why people use SaTT when there r other projects for advertising already available in the market.
    Even some projects will launch their own Blockchain.
    So what r the benefits if using SaTT?

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