Sam Seder EXPOSES Steven Crowder For BACKING OUT Of A Debate Like A FRAUD

Sam Seder EXPOSES Steven Crowder For BACKING OUT Of A Debate Like A FRAUD Support The Show & Watch Exclusive Content: …


  1. I dont understand how you can blame everything on politicon because of Ann backing out. What did you want politicon to do put a gun to Ann's head and force her to debate Kyle Kulinski. I give Ann 90% of the blame and 10% to Politicon.

  2. Thats amazing you made a video out of that nothing of a clip. Progressive voice, you are just a terrible leftist hack. You give the kyles, and dores a bad name by association.

  3. Big difference between Coulter and Crowder…Coulter will STILL be at the event, so it is a far more plausible case that she chickened out. With Crowder, we don't know much at all, but I am guessing it is true that he is not going to Politicon, given that there hasn't been any announcement. So, in other words, this was just speculation for views.

  4. I don't know how fair it is to blame politicon for republicans chickening out of debates. You can't force someone to show up and debate if they aren't willing. What do you think they should do? Punish the republicans who back out by not letting them debate the next year? Republicans would spin that so quick you wouldn't know what happened. POLITICON IS A LEFT-WING PROPAGANDA CONVENTION, THEY'RE BANNING RIGHT WINGERS!!! Guarantee that's what they would say.

  5. Someone explain to me why politicon shares the blame for Ann backing out of a debate. Explain what could they have done to avoid this.
    I hear you blame them for this, and I heard Kyle Kulinski blame them for this. Why? It seems that you just want someone to blame to take your frustration out on.

  6. Ironic as seeing he has debated but no "big name leftist" will debate ben, cenk got embarrassed and his son was beaten so bad he has never debated again, you lefties sure do like to lie

  7. Debate what?Sam is propped up trust fund pussy that does nothing all Someone or something pays for sam's channel and it is not hahahaha Why would some one fly hundreds of mile to debate someone who does not think like a fucking Only a moron would.Sam is related to someone or blowing someone he is not funny or smart in any way.

  8. Steven Crowder looks smart arguing with college kids, I wonder how he'd fare in a debate with someone more qualified, a professor, historian or senator. I think Steven knows, which is why he only debates college kids lmao.

  9. Steven crowder is just a d league comedian/ child actor that found his niche being a dumbass butt buddy for republicans. There is no point to debate him. Nothing would come from it.

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