Safe Storage Options for Altcoins Cryptocurrency – Hardware Wallet,, Paper Wallet

Currently safe storage for cryptocurrency is questionable.Requiring many of us to adopt a diverse storage strategy. Many wallets lack the option to store all …


  1. can you please help me, i have many alt coins like Dragonchain, Vechain, HPB, NANO, BTC etc but i heard Ledger Nano S doesnt store most of the alt coins i have, so whats the point on buying Ledger Nano S? i want to back up my long term alt coins but i dont know how to do it. i dont want paper wallets as it seems difficult and i dont want to store them online wallets. I am new so i would need easiest way to do it user friendly, thanks

  2. so even if you lose the Nano, you can still recover the altcoin stored on it ? that doesnt make sense. what good is it then to have cold storage, if you dont need it to access the coins ?

  3. I have a stupid question. If you buy a nano leger or trezor wallet lets say u have for example bitcoin on several exchanges will it combine them offline? How does this work? Thanks in advance.

  4. Can someone help explain this??? If I have my coins on an exchange and I go to send them to a hardware wallet (nano) does this “sending” resulting in a transaction fee?

  5. Enjin recently released their universal wallet. It's a pretty good looking app with a nice interface. I recently downloaded it and have been impressed. They've incorporated nice security features.

  6. Ethos is just an outstanding project. I am looking forward to their UW which should make the Nano and Trevor redundant. The UI looks beautiful. Whilst Exodus looks good, I think they may be a little late to the party…. thanks for a great vid Jeff, as others have said, I have been waiting for a new vid on this topic.

  7. Thank you for posting this, I just got into this about three weeks ago and didn't know it was even an option. I always thought all the wallets were pretty much the same and held coins like BTC, LTC and Ethereum. I'm not even sure how to get started in other wallets or how to know if my coins are erc20. I'm going to go ahead and check into Exodus, though, I don't know how to get my coins into it yet, but I have to start somewhere. I've also read that you get charged pretty heavily for doing this which is concerning because I didn't really start off with much to begin with. Again, thank you for all these great videos.

  8. Hello everyone I am new to the whole bitcoin crypto currency kind of thing, and I really hate being that guy asking for something, but I am currently out of work. Back in December of 2016 I was in a car accident that left me with eight herniated discs and nerves impending im my back. I have not been able to maintain a steady job, and it can be very strenuous both emotionally and financially for my family. Now I'm not just looking for handouts, although if you had some spare change laying around I would be more than grateful to accept it. I need someone that can help me get started, show me how I can make money from home so I don't have to go through the unbearable pain of working a 9-5. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated, and my family and I would be forever in you debt.

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  9. Aren't those Ledger's have a flaw against man in the middle attacks? No mention about it? why oh why people still recommend these unsafe hardwares without mentionning the securities flaws?

  10. Great video here man and I think we all believe Crypto will last far into the future! Knowing this made me look into some cryptocurrency digital will/inheritance options and I stumbled onto Digipulse (DGPT). Very low coin supply (and also doing a coin burn towards the end of April according to, scheduled to release their product beta in 4 weeks, and it's the only coin that I discovered in the digital inheritance market, so it seems to have first-mover advantage. Only problem is that it's only available on Cryptopia and Etherdelta!! I foresee it being listed on some bigger exchanges soon and when it does, the potential is massive. But honestly I would love to see a video breakdown from you before I invest! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  11. Altcoin Buzz …you guys are on it!!!Just yesterday i commented on this topic.Thank you for the information. As a newbie….this is one area that baffles some. Whilst there is mountains of info on the subject. Who do you trust???
    I trust AltcoinBuzz.
    Ledger and Trezor etc seem the best option. But these are not quite universal, as i understand?And they a rather pricey here in SA. Currently I am looking into the USB option. But once again…when getting advice, who do you trust or follow?

  12. I store everything on Litecoin-qt, DASH-qt, and metamask. Everything else sits on exchanges or Coinomi in small amounts. For long-term storage of altcoins I'd go with ledger. I'd feel much safer holding large quantities of coins on my SFF PC as opposed to my phone.

  13. Should seriously try using the Eidoo Wallet. I don't know a hell of alot about Wallets and transfers but Eidoo is easy as hell to use and covers all Ethereum tokens. also BTC soon.

  14. Problem is, these are all new platforms, WHO to trust! I think the best option for a few years would be to backup on usb and keep it in a drawer.
    Until things get better and bugs get worked out.

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