Russia Using Bitcoin, NEO Price Jump Speculation & $7 Trillion Market Cap

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  1. Maybe you think that you are smart, shame on you! You are just another cluelessperson, who got a chance to make videos just because of internet. Your interpretation are, to be ashamed for🤒🤒🤒!

  2. A lot of the older generation still thinks bitcoin is a scam. One of my older coworkers calls it the new tulip bubble. Bitcoin has had many bubbles. Tulip bubble happened once. They dont even care to try to understand bitcoin. Even one of my coworkers that made money in bitcoin in 2017 says crypto is dying. They have no clue what is happening. They are focused on all time highs and dont see that bitcoin is actually the best performing asset class we have seen.

  3. I totally agree with your statement that normal people are not paying attention to crypto! I have been trying to inform friends and family but they laugh at me or say you're talking about this again! I agree the average Joe will be stunned once digital assets go global!

  4. I think it’s a good move. For far too long the U.S govt has used its economic power as a weapon against other countries to force them to abide by its rules.. when Russia moves to bitcoin other countries will follow suit

  5. If you create your own cryptocurrency, then it is still roughly tied to your native currency: everybody knows that you control it. These countries need something that has international use.

  6. Folks mass adoption is 2 to 10 years away. Goverment, Central banks, Instituitions are 1 to 6 months away. 🙂 For us early investors it will be a great opportunity to get out of the rat race but remember to do some good with that extra cash.Anyone any advice on where to put all that extra cash when it goes up again. Or is everyone going to pay tax on it? The rich dont pay tax so i want the same opportunity as they get. What do you think people?

  7. A lot of hard work going into lowcap networks trying to make a name. Don't always keep your eye on the top 25. You would be surprised whats happening down in the 300-500 marketcap ranked coins.

  8. 1 thing you sit here and say look at the writing on the wall

    Xrp big bank central banks now using
    Central banks arnt going to lose there power that easy with out a fight and millions

    Tron massive Chinese backing
    The next big supper power back a coin

    All these bitcoin fan boys need to read everything

  9. People will be surprised in the future why I do not invest in cryptos! They will say that only Nerds knew that cryptos are the future! In the whole Market I am thinking on google and amazon! I was too joung to invest in the past! This time is our chance for lifetime! Don't be fear! You can win more as loose!

  10. Everytime! Everytime! I watch/listen to your videos, I got more bullish on the future of crypto specially bitcoin! Thanks a lot man for your opinions, glad to always hear your thoughts on these things.

  11. This guy has a friendly and convincing voice but reality is this it is all highly speculative ideas. I don't take him seriously and that's based on experience. Mostly it turns out to be nothing what he says but if one gets it right, the returns are jackpot on steroids..if…

  12. The SEC needs to get permission from Banks, the 1% rich, The Fed first before they bring in an ETF, they have no control over Bitcoin or the market, yet the SEC has their big stick for the little people. The selfish greedy rich, are gearing up for something, but they are not ready yet, so the SEC is making all the excuses they can not to bring in an ETF, the latest one is the shut down.

  13. rich accumulating under our noses. Once they are ready and done BTC will shoot up and we (general public) wont even be able to afford it. Thanks for the vid as always TMI

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