RSK + Bitcoin Center | Buenos Aires, Argentina

We couldn’t do a South America Crypto Tour without stopping by Buenos Aires, Argentina and visiting RSK (Root Stock). This is a revolutionary project for …


  1. yoo just found out about you. been loving your content! been really impacted by your methods and techniques. if you guys ever need beats, let me know. i wont charge you. i respect that you have a music producer and love what he does, but im just giving you something back for the value you've provided for me. its all love

  2. RSK will be great for bitcoin, but I wish they would try to build this on top the bitcoin lightening network for greater scalability which they will need for smart contracts on bitcoin, or else it will be too slow…

  3. Ian Rsk project is good and it can give a tough competition to ether.But I'll wait for rebound to invest. (learned from you, may be wrong but will wait) .
    Enjoy ur stay in Argentina 😀
    Enjoy ur stay in Argentina 😀

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