1. I saw this, and new you'd cover it. Took no position, in the learning phase for day trading. Only do dividend stocks and swing trades on specific divi stocks I'm willing to go long term. As always, thanks for the insightful video.

  2. Hey Ross, have you ever been unable to sell after a circuit breaker hault? This just happened to me with my broker in Canada (Questrade) where my Sell orders were being flagged as 'Risk Review' after AYTU haulted. Ended up losing all my profits. Support said that there was a 'corporate' action that prevented anyone be from getting out of their positions…

  3. Ross, you ROCK. I watched this, followed ABIL and bought at 6.22. Too bad I sold LONG BEFORE it hit 7 and then 8…. Damn, had I only held it longer. Good profit, so i'm happy about it.

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