RogueCoin: Bitcoin To The Moon!!! (03/26/2018)

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  1. Now is perfect time to buy bitcoin as it is lowest it will ever be. i have already bought more and will continue to as it dip before it go back over $10,000

  2. While I agree about trading Alts. You gotta look at the development team!!! Half these projects have complete scrubs working on them!!! I am not a Bitcoin Maximalist but their development team is Murderers Row from the 1927 Yankees!! Don't pay for a promise be a scout and look at the actual fucking talent. For 90% of Altcoiners they are like a NFL draft buying hype rather than looking at real shit!!!

  3. whats with all you shill idiots lying and bullshitting to get views?????????????

    Bitcoin is going down to 5K and anyone who says otherwise cant read a chart and knows nothing about crpyto FULLSTOP!!!!

  4. I sold my bitcoin at 22 000 Canadian – I bought it at 326 dollars when currencies were at par – this chat did not give me a reason to regret my decision. Bitcoin is volatile – perhaps better more solid advice might be a chapter in your current discourse? Also, selling navigates incredible charges when you check out – maybe a solution?

  5. Hey the Fuck do you have a problem with Andreas M. Antonopoulos
    The guy who wrote the Book Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain
    or are you a complete fucking idiot when it comes to block chains!

    If you are going to ban people for suggesting people should go and look at industry leaders in the crypto space like Jameson lopp or Andreas Antonopoulos

    You are a Plague on cryptocurrencies.
    You are mickey mouse bull shit is akin to whale pool.
    Keep pumping alt coins. Pump and dumps are dishonest like your ethics to your own community.

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