Roger Ver: How digital currency will change the world – Blockchain Cruise 2018

Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2018 Speaker: Roger Ver CEO of Topic: How digital currency will change the world — — Coinsbank official website …


  1. So tired to listen to Roger's eternal threnody. He used to be a prolific Bitcoin evangelist in the past. His quest against Bitcoin today for the only benefit of Bcash is looking more and more to a desperate cause. Bitcoin Jesus has transformed himself into Bitcoin Judas. If you want fast, cheap and secure transactions, why not using Litecoin instead of Bcash? If you are seeking for a store of value in the crypto space, I would turn to Bitcoin today. Why? Network robustness and largest hash power, innovation, largest developer community, market liquidity, institutional investor's interest, largest market momentum. I hope Roger will re-focus on innovation and not only advertising…

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