Robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico Story + Bitcoin Future & TA Update

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  1. Thats a bullshit which you have done to denamed a country. Innocent school children are killed in US and you are weeping like a 3 years baby for being robbed. You also robbed people in your slack group where you never shared your trade and related stuff rather disappeared months. Stop the bullshit and delete the video. Be grown up little kiddie….

  2. In Mexico people are above the law? You’re such a fucking moron you act like is the Wild West. You know absolutely nothing about my country you fucking asshole. There is roughly 130 million citizens in Mexico. You think they are all just doing bad shit? Do you not see the fucking news here in America? Politicians your sexual harassing president are acting like they are above the law. I don’t even believe your story bro. I think you’re full of shit.

  3. Sorry man. Im a baby boomer whos traveled mucho, mexico, central and south america. Stay away from mexico. I travel south america.
    I never have a wallet, passport, watch, phone, jewelry with me, except 20$ to appease a thief, and i dont get drunk, (except at hotel). dont go out after 9 at night. Dont look like
    a rich kid. Mabe find a local friend(s) to go out with. I keep all my checks in place, and travel Colombia, Very nice people, but there are bad ones,
    just dress down., and dont go out alone at night. Sorry about your loss, but your education has gone up greatly through your ordeal. They may have killed you. You are lucky.

  4. You didn't do enough TA on the local scene in Mexico. I've been a lot and from my experience if you respect the locals they will respect you back. Knowing your environment is just the same as knowing what coin you are buying before you purchase it.

  5. Fucking Mexicans! And I really don't mean that in a bad way, I have really good friends that are Mexican. However, when Americans go to Mexico, they take advantage of us every chance they get. I remember taking a Taxi in Mexico with a friend of mine to as close to the gate (San Yisedro) as possible. The Mother Fucker drove us around then he told us a price two or three times more than he originally quoted us. He said you either pay me or I drop you off right her. What a P.OS.! What's laughable is some of those same A-Holes south of the border (not just Mexicans), come to the U.S, and expect us to treat them like their some kind of royalty or something. Welfare, Food Stamps, Healthcare when they have never contributed a red cent to taxes.
    What really drives me absolutely insane is the so called "Sanctuary Cities" Don't even get me started on that rant. LOL! Dude that was an AWESOME story, so glad you survived and were able to come home and talk about it.

  6. Crypto is better than gold because it is easier to move. But it is worse than cash because you have to pay CG tax every time you use it. We could see more adoption for the purpose of storing wealth but replacing fiat seems a long way off.

  7. GOD!!!!!!!!!! IM SO PISSED and SAD for you!!!!!!! JESUS!!!!! Im a BlockChain Education member and love your content. I cant imagine what you went through. Thank you for sharing this horrifying story. Im actually headed to Cancun on Monday and I am somewhat pissed I am. FUCK those guys, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are ok and sorry you had to experience such putrid degenerates in your lifetime.

    * Let me edit for all you outraged about trash talking Mexico. No one cares what you have to say, it's an obvious shithole based on the cartel and mindset thereof. GTFOH

  8. I have a funny feeling that if you got robbed in Texas you wouldn't be making a video about it. Way to spread more Mexico travel FUD to your already racist and ignorant American followers. Dude you deserved to get robbed for being that dumb. Criminals target resort towns like Cancun because they are full of rich Americans like you who are not too smart. No different than any other major city center in any other country… most notable the United States of America which by the way is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and by far has the most deaths from shootings. The way I see it Mexico has an American tourist problem, no one likes you guys for good reason so maybe just stay the fuck out. I love Mexico, it's like my second home, some of the best people on the planet. Only people I have ever had issues with while travelling through Mexico are American tourists getting drunk and acting like entitled idiots.

  9. Glad you’re ok. Could have been far worse though. Folks get kidnapped for ransom in those parts of the world. You’re lucky they don’t know how wealthy you are.

  10. dang man, glad you're ok. what a nightmare! mexico is beautiful but can be a scary place. My brother got jumped by locals and the federales took him to jail because he wouldnt pay them. the whole country is corrupt. its def a great place to visit but make sure you use the buddy system.

  11. Cool story. You made the right decision and took action to escape. Just when Return of the Jedi came out, I was kidnapped in the Sinai desert getting on a ship to the Gulf of Aqaba, and I escaped back to Cairo. I remember the Cairo Cheif of Shurta Siaha (tourist police) took on my case and tracked down the gangsters, beat them and all their families to a pulp and got all my money and cameras back. The lesson I learned was that I was not ever to try to go to Syria. I continued to travel for the next 6 months across Turkey, Morroco and Spain and had the best time of my life.
    I've never had a problem in Mexico. Last 2 years been to the Mexican Acrobatic Convention, Yoga retreats and AcroYoga Teacher Training in Chlananda Water Park near GDL
    Austin is the best place to learn AcroYoga in Texas. You should definitely go to some acrojams at Fit & Fearless on 35, and Zilker Park Barton Springs on the weekends.

  12. At 65, computers came to my home in 1986 (33yrs old) when Dr T created MIDI software and I could be a One Man Orchestra. I made many commercials, radio and TV…so computers were a tool to me!…I'm just a software user, as a programmer YOU can save the world or at least the US….We need "BlockChain Democracy"….Sorry for your shit storm but you made it; and got smarter too. If you loose anything, do not believe Anything, ..count it Gone. Some day you will look int their eyes and know lies from truth.

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