Ripple XRP Trials with Western Union

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  1. How does one deploy a decentralized system? You start testing with a few servers (at this point looks centralized) and you proceed to add nodes (heading toward decentralization). I reckon this would have been the pattern for many decentralized systems out there. HOWEVER, a centralized system by nature would not be able to support decentralization. So calling Ripple a centralized system today, is not accurate anymore. They have new nodes being added day by day. My 2 cents.

  2. Hater… XRP will be the most dominant crypto in the planet. So quit doubting it and get on board before you miss the train. You better forget about all the other crypto currencies they wont be around in the next 5 years XRP is the future buddy…get with the program

  3. XRP works with banks it' a good strategy….If banks love XRP, it will be everywhere …. You should by some XRP before 🚀🚀🚀…..

  4. Love my XRP but……. does anyone really think WU or MG or the like is going to lower consumer end costs? Nope. It wouldnt suprise me if they add it as another OPTION just like shipping options…10 minutes, within 6 hours, 12 hours or 2-3 days obviously charging a premium for the fastest xrp enabled options. Another way to fleece the poor. My hope is that WU and MG is a trial version as the banks allow them to be the " Guinea pigs". Ultimately providing the service themselves for even those with no account with the banks.

  5. 3:41 After we see what happens with Coinone Transpher in Korea, it will be a win for the crypto world. National fiat transfers in a few minutes and not 5 days. It's a win for everyone.

  6. I think there's space in the world for all kinds of solutions. If this is going to help poor people around the world in the short/med term that's always a good thing. Perhaps later someone will come with a descentralized Solution that will be easy to adopt and replace the Western Unions of the world, in the meantime Ripple is a giant improvement

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