Ripple XRP Surges Past $1.00 – What Now Haters? – Updated 2018 Price Prediction

Ripple XRP hit all time high of $1.24. Contributing factors: -Escrow lockup of 55 Billion XRP -Bitcoin Futures + New Investors -Continued positive news for Ripple…


  1. Hi, im really like this criptocurrency, i want to buy xrp with my credit card, any place that you recomend me, i did my own research but here in Nicaragua that were i live is really complicated to buy, complications with exchanges for the regions were im living!!!

  2. I get the conservative price prediction you have of $5 beo 2018. Here's mine: $5 by the end of January, and I think mine is a conservative estimate too. Great video, thanks for your efforts and knowledge on crypto.

  3. I remember watching a video with like 5 guys on Ripple and how it will be almost impossible to hit $1. Who’s laughing now, too bad I can’t find the video anymore.

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