Ripple will have that court case most likely, and some interesting stuff will happen on that day. If it does bad, we screwed, if it does good, then we may see Ripple …


  1. The main reason why this guy will not win his court case is that in order for ripple to be considered a security is that it has to pay dividends and there is no coin or token that pays quarterly dividends that is why since the Inception of Bitcoin that the SEC has never jumped on this because with the billions and billions of dollars in cryptocurrency floating around out there if there was a chance in hell that it was a security the SEC would have been all over it in a minute.
    This guy works for Wells Fargo we all know that Chase Bank is preparing to make their own coin I believe that Wells Fargo put this guy up to it and is just testing the waters before they jump in so keep this in mind when Wells Fargo makes their announcement

  2. The real reason they don’t want xrp is that they have invested their money in the existing coins there. Bitcoin is old tech, shitty gas mileage, and is loosing partnerships. Xrp is new tech eco friendly and is massively gaining partnerships and it will soon be No 1… so why would they put xrp on coinbase? They’re just delaying the inevitable!

  3. No ofrece dude. But would have to read to understand and it is not 500 it is a class A. So it means more. Also the dude is right specially if Ripple keeps shorting the market manipulating price.

  4. COINBASE will list an erc20 token next ** XRP WILL NOT BE LISTED ON COINBASE ** just listen to COINBASE an read between the lines ** XRP DOESN'T fit the COINBASE model ** I HOLD XRP an thats why i watched CEO of COINBASE interviews hoping they would list XRP but their NOT going to **

  5. The lawsuit is not a joke – come on people wake up – organised to fud XRP value to drop it, why would a nobody do this?? THINK !!!! – his lawyer will cost him more the what he will win,

  6. You have no clue what you are talking about. You can hardly put two words together and you state nothing of your qualifications. You are a nobody attention seeker. You have not idea how serious deeming XRP would be. You should look up the definition of EPS. You have a lot of gaul wasting someones time by reading an article that you don't have the education to discuss. You should read to children. At least you would be on the right level as well benefit a child .

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