Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction, +95% To $1.20? & Price Analysis

Ripple price analysis & price prediction. In the video the article says in 1 week, I do not think so. Articles: …


  1. Everybody is bullish. How come this bullishness is converted into bearish reflected in Ripple's actual price. To say everybody is bullish when the market is bearish, is a total nonsense or worse, is a manipulation.

  2. Last chance to buy below 1$ lolll they say this since months, fakes cryptos are just scams created to do the opposite of what they are supposed to do they called this decentraliszation cryptos are the most manipulated things in the worlds history banks and governments use them to take back peoples money

  3. I love XRP. It is the most disruptive currency that stokes fear in everyone, fomo and FUD alike. However, XRP isn’t going on some massive bullrun like last year because last year was quite different. The main reason we saw that bull for XRP was one reason, ripple escrowed 55 BILLION coins in December. People keep forgetting this fact for some reason

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