Ripple XRP On Gibraltar Exchange, Cardano Moves, New Bitcoin ETF & Market Manipulation

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  1. Bit of an ongoing rant – but I absolutely agree with everything that you said – us amateurs will be shown how investing is done! Greed will be the demise of many crypto investors!

  2. Buying crypto in the US still is not easy.
    I use Gemini.
    Many many problems with credit cards-debit cards-credit unions-banks.
    I ended up doing a bank transfer using a specific checking account from a well known bank. Then I could use this specific account to transfer funds.
    When the market has a significant up tick-the exchanges are going to be slammed again.

  3. Gibraltar is the washing machine of the capital of hash from the south aka Marnella. Gold triangle. Morrocco sends hash. In Marbella you have a office. And in gibraltar your money. And what u do is with the profit of hachis you reinvest in brick in Marbella and surrondings ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Unfortunately what crypto folks are not seeing is that "Forks" are the digital equivalent of the Fed printing more paper money. If there needs top be an improvement in the crypto – do something similar to what TRON did – just rewrite the code and swap it out!

  5. we can list xrp or any other coin on 2 milion excanges as a base pair,
    but there is only 120 bil usd in all crypto world,price will rise
    extremely if xrp was listed as a base pair on a bull run,
    or if ripple(xrp)announc something big,then all of that excanges
    will come to work,we can all see there are coins listed
    with usd/euro/gbp and there is almost 500usd volume a day,
    that says it all,be patient,excuse my bad english

  6. Very good information here. Can you say what your thoughts are on zcash on a later cast?Can't help but notice it went up almost twice as much as ltc did,on last bull run.Appreciate the information you have been giving out.Thank you!

  7. They'll always find a way to tax. Increase product and service tax to compensate. If banks didnt think they could capitalize on this new asset class, it would have been squashed at the very beginning.

  8. Besides money transfers which i believe xrp is best positioned to do well in, what are other potrntial use cases for xrp? Tipbot is cool but not a game changer in my opinion..

  9. Yes Ohio you can pay business taxes in BTC as well. Thanks for the Jamaica Queens shout out last live stream. Great place to buy real estate. Check out WAN it's an ETH fork low supply POS hybrid with Monero ring privacy option. WAN is developing a financial ecosystem. Good partnerships with Lisk, Maker, Chain Link and others. Great vid as usual. Thanks

  10. The more xrp tokens you have the lower you need the price to go. For example 50,000 xrp tokens at 20 per xrp is a million dollars. The longer xrp is cheap the easier this is to accomplish. It will only cost like 20,000 something thousand usd to get 50,000 xrp.

  11. Did anyone notice this. A couple of days ago BTC price went way down and dragged the rest of the market with it. Then a day and a half later BSV went way up as most of the market stayed relatively flat. LINK, HC and QASH also saw a jump in price right as BSV jumped. This is speculation but maybe Craig Wright is trying to save his BSV and he diversified a little. After all, he owns a boat load of BTC and BSV has not been doing so well. I know this is very thin but not impossible.

  12. IOHK moving to the U.S. shows one of two things in my opinion. The U.S. is further along in understanding crypto then they are letting on or Charles is trying to be too smart for his own good.

    With Ripple and IOHK going to be in the U.S. just solidified my belief in both.

    Regulation sucks, government control is not ideal and so on. But, given that Ripple sees no reason to relocate out of the U.S. and Charles most likely having an understanding of where U.S. regulation is moving toward I canโ€™t help but be EXCITED!

    Heck, itโ€™s foolish to not consider that Ripple and IOHK have not had multiple conversations about regulation and or with regulators in the states.

  13. Well 2019 wonโ€™t be the year. In fact all the whales just woke up and cash their losses. In combination with worthless crypto adoption, xrp is going to need a miracle to become independant from btc. Crypto will be extinct within 10 years. The most will be mined and sold. Am I being negative? Just realistic. I lost a lot of money just like a lot of people on these kind of channels. But keep up the dream and good work on your channel!

  14. Forks are a huge problem and thatโ€™s a fact. I do not see how it can be overcome though as dozens of them exist and have huge followings. It does confuse institutions and more-so retail investors.

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