Ripple XRP headed to $1 – Amazon Wins Bitcoin Tracking Patent & Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consort

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  1. Hey Tony-can you please check out some Swift posts about them writing to banks globally to say that changes in payment systems will need to be implemented by November 30th. Why do I think there will be a Ripple Swift partnership of some kind?

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  3. I don't understand your doubtful statement on Ripple, which was immature! You said, "I don't know what's going on with XRP?" What does that suppose to mean?

  4. I think Big Money knows something is about to come out and are getting in. Thankfully we’ve been following your Channel and are sitting and waiting patiently. Hold on…. i think btwn Sunday/Monday something big will be announced.

  5. If you sell a portion of your crypto, make sure to not only recoup your initial investment. Cover inflation (2%) and all of the fees you spent buying/moving etc. Also, cover the cost of your ledger storage device.

  6. The only way there will be a good growth for alt coins is when over the.years they start to.distance themselves from btc and we shall see that happen just a matter of.time.

  7. the problem for me: is Xrp has the most Good news of all Cryptos in 2018, and no pump .
    Now Xrp grew because Bitcoin pump also it s Bitcoin that decide if all Cryptos grew up or no!
    it s not the Good news !

  8. I held my xrp from December till now and been buying more all the way till now just bought a thousand more yesterday at $0.72 so today it's at $0.92 so that's great but I'm not selling anything until it hits at least 5 then maybe I sell a little and wait for 10 or higher Ripple and xrp are going to be amazing this year

  9. Hey Tony, all green across the screen and BTC just went HUGE a few minutes ago. Lots of great news out on Ripple and XRP and big money beginning to dip into this market. Let’s see how the weekend plays out, but, I believe we are on the verge of a huge bull run. BTW, nice T-shirt 👍

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