Ripple XRP And Record Crypto Fund Launches 2018

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  1. The King is Brad Garlinghouse. He cannot pass on the information about the banks, about swift and exactly when XRapid will go live. He has been told, probably by Rothschilds and the real money men, who put him there as there. He knows so much more than he can tell. When all pieces are in place, SEC, institutions are lined up with their exchanges in place, swift is ready to go… he will then come out with the info. He will declare that they are working with hundreds, if not thousands of banks, both numbers are over 200, and whooosh… then Swift goes live, then whoosh…the moon

  2. Ripple's XRP is one of the worst-performing coins out of top-10. The asset has lost nearly a quarter of its value in recent 7 days, retracing after a strong rise at the end of September caused by the upcoming xRapid launch into commercial operation. As it often happens, the news was overhyped, the coin was overpriced, while traders were overexcited. Now everything returns to a normal balanced state, in line with the global market

  3. Xrp price will stay where it at or lower until bitcoin surges. All altcoins are riding bitcoin coat tails. Xrp will be back at 25c I said before and it happened it will happen again smdh see y’all in 2019

  4. Stocks went down about 3% yesterday and 10%+ got wiped off most of the alts can you imangine whats coming when the bubble finally pops in the stock market! Judging from yesterday the money ain't going anywhere near cryptos its crashing that market aswell

  5. I believe his article was timed to scare the small Investors out of the market today after the drop. Interesting times ahead. Thanks for your continued positive research and views. Appreciated.

  6. XRP is actually a recent sort of brain/focus bonus, to keep me distracted from the awe of my crypto hedge fund investments.

    Have learned some valuable information and insights from the XRP community along the way, so the distraction thus far has been enlightening

    Am wondering which is better, stock price during XRP high demand, when only half the supply is available, or after all 55 have been released out of escrow

    3v3rything is right on the mon3y 🎼🎸

  7. Hey DAI…what are your thoughts on Dina Powell being the possible replacement for Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador? Coming from Goldman Sacs. And what's up with Circle the Goldman Sacs crypto backed app being listed on the XRP Ecosystems page but the app doesn't even list XRP as an option…hmmmmm..

  8. Love your videos your the best xrp utuber in the game
    But I think you would be better off doing longer videos less often man
    I’d hate for people to get sick of you or you burn our liver your work keep it up man

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