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  1. Crypto Love, you speak true, and you don't fear the thumb-down of the fans of devil.
    Honesty doesn't pay, but it makes the difference between gentleman and scammer.
    Hat off Crypto love.

  2. For everyone claiming they are in it for the tech not money are straight up bullshit artists. 99% of crypto investors don't have money to lose. That's why we are here in the first place. The system has ground us down to almost nothing and we need a step up. The little we have to invest should go to crypto assets that stand to make us the most profit. Bitcoin and XRP.

  3. Hey Randall, not a fan of Ripple. Anything to do with the banks getting their grubby hands into is not worth what I believe bitcoin stands for. What do you think of Syncfab?

  4. Another great video with a lot of fascinating commentary. Your viewers' opinions suggest that the jury is still out with regard to the final merits of Ripple. Randall, keep up the good work!

  5. maximum indian people are holding Ripple that's why they are backing it up… otherwise Ripple is a killer for CryptoCurrencies.. It won't become winner even in next 5 years…. people who bought it at 3$ are waiting badly to sale this junk out from their wallets and invest in other great projects of future…

  6. Dude stick to your hot chick in thumbnail bit and stop spewing nonsense. Ripple created XRP and they are not a bank. And banks don't make money from people buying XRP. They make money by spending less in global settlement costs.

  7. Regardless of whether its centralized or that it goes against what crytpo stand for its making partnerships and making money and not going anywhere right now. I think we should benefit from it as well.

  8. In North Carolina, it is illegal to drive a vehicle on an interstate with $10,000 or more in cash. At our credit union, if I want to send $500 to my sister in Kansas, I have to give a reason as to why I'm sending it per government regulations. My point is that the government has gotten way too involved in what we do with our money. As of right now and from what I understand, the only cryptocurrency that is truly and completely decentralized is Monero. Ripple is certainly institutionalized. With that being said, even Bitcoin in all its glory has a ledger that keeps up with every transaction everybody makes. Technically, is that decentralized?

  9. I think that you are wrong. Ripple is centralized for sure but it's not created by the banks. Ripple is a company which was created way before Bitcoin and which sells products for banks. This coin was basically just created to make them richer and not to steal people's btc or anything

  10. So people who dont want to get into cryptocurrency shouldnt enjoy the benefits of low fee international transfers? How selfish of you.

  11. Nice cosy place you got there with a knispering fire and snowflakes on the background. Only the pretty girls from your video thumbnails are missing. Ripple is too complicated for mass adoption.

  12. You are so wrong. Bitcoin has to be P2P cash system, but to wait your funds a day is not acceptalbe anymore, so they twist it to "store of value"…XRP are fasest know currency for the moment, so your money are where you send 'em in 4 seconds. They made a ledger decentralize, so do your research before show yourself on a fake screen with a fake fire, fake snow and fake speach.

  13. Dude
    What are you planning to do when the entire cryptocurrency market becomes centralised/regulated? Which is exactly what will happen if it continues to grow

  14. you people are fools if you think that all cryptos are not going to start working with the banks in the near future. All of them will or they will die a slow death. Everyone is pretending to be anti banks but I bet all of you have bank accounts,,,, hypocrites… lol

  15. The Xrp ledger is a lot more decentralized than you think and should be more decentralized by the end of 2018 than a lot of these others current decentralized coins that have to add scaling solutions. You’ll see

  16. Let there be a day when btc transactions are instantaneous and very cheap, is that day near by , will my desire be a fairy tale, yes yes btc will achieve it , he he….Wait, my perception is funny as the developers are not trying to implement nakamoto's white paper fully, both coins have their advantages pals.. don't spread hate.

  17. Crypto Love, you got your point but XRP will end up being more decentralized than bitcoin (cfr. the recently issued white papers)
    I do believe in the mission statement of Ripple and the fact that it's a legal entity with a workforce of 200 eager to tackle and solve a real world problem each one is having today when transferring funds or performing cross-border payments.
    Of course not all the banks won't dissapear overnight just like not all the stores didn't dissapear with the advent of e-commerce like ebay, Amazon etc… but those who remain in denial of the technology will dissapear rather soon…

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