Ripple Employee Navin Gupta Makes Bold Claim – 2018 XRP Price Prediction – Ripple to Acquire Swift?

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  1. I think the 3rd partnership was UAE. And Ripple can't buy SWIFT cause SWIFT is a conglomerate of Financial Institutions – thats like someone is trying to buy the UN – that's not possible. But I think and hope that there will be a partnership between them. Just imagine what happens if SWIFT is going to use XRP as liquidity pool. I think there's something going on and that's why Ripple is actually no announcing partnerships. Cause every announced partnership of Ripple harms or sets SWIFT under pressure. All in all we are in a very exciting time atm.

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  3. Not sure about ripple acquiring swift. I have confidence in ripple and xrp but ripple work right now with around 100 to 200 banks.

    Swift work with 11'000.

    Swift are also owned by some of the biggest banks as a consortium.

    Whilst there is some logic to the concept and idea, in real world and with practicalities considered? I can't see that happening until ripple have a much stronger foothold in the market.

  4. Whatever happens, but i dont trust bitcoin. 1: Because there is no any big banks or anything like that in it. 2: Very slow transactions. 3: Can mining all the time more and more, if u can mine it unlimited time. Some day that have too much and price drops.

    So many guys in my country say sane thing. Most of them dont trust BTC or other cryptos what have slow transaction speed. If me buying something internationally. I want that payment happens fast and get it item also fast on to way.

    I do not say XRP its only 1 best choice, but that transaction speed its better than BTC. Thats why want use that more than BTC. Any crypto what have fast payment speed its better that BTC.

    I also do much international buyings everyday and that why want fast speed for that.

  5. Tony i think you know if they partner or buy Swift it's gonna be way over your prediction. So I understand being conservative especially with all those troll claiming xrp can't reach this or that…but if anything with Swift happen, this is game over, price gonna spike.

  6. I’ve made a graph, I believe ripple will hit $5 in the next three months then it will bottom out at $1 in October this year, then skyrocket to $15-20 in mid December, everything is based off tax season and end of year sell offs, now once ripple gets on coinbase they’ll easily be at $100 within a year of being added, just my opinion, but it’s something I believe will happen in the next year or 2 either way Hodl

  7. I agree with you 100% that Ripple will be joining Swift or buying them out. It makes perfect sense to get all the banks on board. This is one of your best videos in terms of speculation. Nice one and keep up the positive vibes. Thanks for all the research you share with everyone for free.

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